Watch Kennedy Carter & His Insanely Hot Boyfriend Ivan (Also) Do What Boyfriends Do In Bed Together

Where the hell has Kennedy Carter been hiding his boyfriend Ivan all this time? Everything about him is frickin’ perfect, and I’m downright baffled that he hasn’t done porn before. Ugh. I mean, just look at his cock! That upward curve was hand-crafted by the […]


Every now and then, I write about things I’m tired of seeing on other blogs, hoping that they’ll become irrelevant and disappear once we’ve covered them. This is one of those cases. Above, you can see the cover art for Madonna‘s upcoming album M.D.N.A. What […]

Watch Davis Mallory From The Real World And His Boyfriend Do What Boyfriends Do In Bed Together

It’s International Armpit Appreciation Week here at Manhunt Daily! I don’t know who the fuck Davis Mallory is (apparently he was on MTV’s The Real World), but my new bestie at Boy Culture just posted this video of him getting cozy in bed with his […]