Daniel Radcliffe (Looking Better Than Your Faves)

Look, I recognize he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have an uncontrollable boner for Daniel Radcliffe. Uncontrollable, I tell you! Merely looking at pictures of him clothed gets me hard, because he’s such a tiny pocket gay (who’s not actually gay at all). I want to scoop him up, throw him down, ravage his butthole and then feel weird that I just had sex with Harry Potter. What would Dobby say!?!?

Fantasies aside, these are some shots of Radcliffe from Esquire magazine. They are beautiful, no matter what you say. Don’t let your words (or other mystery substances) get in the way of me fapping incessantly to his caterpillar-like eyebrows and tiny-man presence.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Yu Tsai

Click through for more pics from the shoot:

Here is a video of Radcliffe talking about stuff:

Here is a mental image of me masturbating & fetishizing his accent.

16 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe (Looking Better Than Your Faves)

  1. While I concur about feeling weird fantasizing about doing Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe totally works my shit.  It’s not even his totally adorable features that do it for me, it’s his personality and his spirit that make me desire him. 

    Unlike so many other child actors, Daniel has made all the right choices in terms of performance and lifestyle.  He’s earned his acting credentials through and through and I can’t wait for him to move past Potter and into real gritty roles…  like a remake Equus.

  2. DR is a COMPLETE hottie!  (That pic in the tie is very nice.)  And his personality, charm, smarts, self-effacing wit and politics just add to the mix.  He is one of those chaps though who can fall into some really, really bad photos quite easily.

  3. no me gusta el
    me horroriza el
    todavia el es muy feo, menos feo que rupert grint el otro chico pelirojo de las mismas peliculas, pero no sera guapo jamas

  4. these shots of Radcliffe strangely remind me of Elijah Wood (not that I would have any qualms banging either!)

  5. Does anyone else see a bit of Michael Fassbender in that last pic? Mr. Radcliffe is a handsome young man and is going to grow up to be one sexy ass mofo. 

  6. This brings me to a memory with friend of mine.
    We were always arguing wich of us would score with him, until the day we figure out that he just loves Radcliffe and I rather prefer Mr Potter so we decide to split him into his real part and his character… My part will always be young and has been an inspiration for some yaoi fanarts just look into Yukipons website sex,blood,sugar, magik She´s an awesome artist…

  7. ya know what? go for it…..He’s so fine I would gladly take sloppy seconds and just wait in line.

  8. You know what Dewitt, i’m totally with you on this one. I’ve been wanting to fuck Mr. Potter since “The Half-blood Prince” trailers. And he is HOT on those pictures you posted. I’d fucked him four times a day just because i can. There is no shame, WHATSOEVER, to want to ravage Harry Potter.

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