Every now and then, I write about things I’m tired of seeing on other blogs, hoping that they’ll become irrelevant and disappear once we’ve covered them. This is one of those cases. Above, you can see the cover art for Madonna‘s upcoming album M.D.N.A. What do you think? Is it ICONIC? Or do you really not give a fuck (like me)?

– Dewitt

16 thoughts on “Sure.

  1. You gotta admit is much better than the god-awful Gaga’s album cover. I like the color and the visual breaking. 

  2. Reminds me of the technique used on Grace Jones “Slave To The Rhythm” album cover … but it’s nice.

  3. Totally over Madge these days but completely love this cover.  It’s visually compelling and I can’t look away.  Still don’t want to hear the disc but props to her creative team.

  4. It’s not original!  It’s been done before!  When is the credit?  Love Madonna, but over the Queen of Music crap!  Michael did it, and it was creepy! 

  5. for all the haters out there…the bitch is RELEVANT!!!!!! if you don’t like her or have issues…shut the hell up and keep it to yourself…she totally changed the face of pop and dance music and if she wasn’t worth having around, she wouldn’t still be around…so take your beyonce, your florence and the machine and go jump in a lake…2012 is going to be theyear of MADONNA!!! so everyone who wants to hate go eat a dick!!!!!!!

  6. it says “Greatest Hits” to me, not a new Madonna album.  I was never a huge fan, so I’m not expecting anything spectacular. Hyping up this album and already declaring it “THE GREATEST THING EVERRR!!!” doesn’t make you any better then Gaga fans.

  7. As long as M.I.A. doesn’t sound bad I don’t mind. Speaking of which, M.I.A. has a new single out… it’s amazing…

  8. I agree the Born This Way cover was not very good. However, the Bonus/Deluxe Edition cover was much better, and actually good. This one excellent though.

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