The Walking Dead team slam anti-gay viewers after storyline Backlash: “Please unfollow”

The Walking Dead team have sent a loud and clear message to viewers “uncomfortable” with LGBTQ on-screen representation. Other shows, please take note! Prompted by backlash to a recent same-sex relationship storyline on The Walking Dead: World Beyond, a rep addressed the issue on the show’s official […]

Ballet dancer posts thirsty ad seeking room to rent, gets 400 replies, none offering housing

Saverio Pescucci describes himself as a “super chill, friendly, gay [and] Covid responsible” ballet dancer. Last week, he published a thirsty apartment search ad that quickly went viral. Pescucci posted in Gypsy Housing, a private Facebook group with roughly 285,000 members, saying he was seeking […]

John Boyega And Robert De Niro Starring In Crime Drama The Formula

Netflix continues to nab big names to star in its movies – The Formula has John Boyega leading the cast opposite Robert De Niro. The First Purge director Gerard McMurray, who has his own Netflix history thanks to Burning Sands, will oversee the film and has also written the script. Boyega will […]