iPhone Wars: Battle of The Armpit Posers (Part IV)

We told you once. We told you twice. For no reason in particular (aside from maybe Eduardo Ruiz‘s awesome armpits), we’ve designated the next couple of days as International Armpit Appreciation Week! Show some love for your favorite man’s pits by stroking them, licking them, cumming on them, or doing whatever else one might do to someone else’s armpits.

You can also take part in this week’s festivities by voting in today’s round of iPhone Wars. We tracked down four amateur guys who are pointing their elbows toward the sky, and it’s up to you to decide who’s the sexiest of the bunch. Choose wisely! Choose with your penis.

– Dewitt

Photos via: Guys With iPhones

Click through to see the full pics and cast your vote:





22 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of The Armpit Posers (Part IV)

  1. Completely agree.  I was shocked this wasn’t the 5th choice.  There isn’t a single one of these armpits (or guys) I wouldn’t lick like a lollipop!

  2. We need a lot of armpits to pic from!  Although D wins for sure, I am a BIG armpit freak and I prefer the guys with dark, thick, bushy armpits.  Shaved armpits is like a total turn off to me because it takes the manliness away from him. Where can I see more armpits than just these 4 guys?  🙂

  3. Yum!! I love all of ´em but my fav is C, I wish I could lick ´em!! Does anyone know a male armpit fetish (video/pics) site?? =P

  4. I agree with you both! They are all doable and that should have been a 5th choice. But in the end I voted for B but C was a close second.

  5. i’ve never understood the whole armpit fetish thing, but do you think when they were posing they meant it for just their pits or are they showing off their bodies to better advantage with that pose? 

  6. Was torn between B, C and D … I’m also partial to smooth chests, but had to go with what face would I rather look at when the guys is fully clothed and had to go with D, but wouldn’t reject any of them … 

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