Watch Davis Mallory From The Real World And His Boyfriend Do What Boyfriends Do In Bed Together

It’s International Armpit Appreciation Week here at Manhunt Daily! I don’t know who the fuck Davis Mallory is (apparently he was on MTV’s The Real World), but my new bestie at Boy Culture just posted this video of him getting cozy in bed with his much-hotter boyfriend Tyrone.


I assure you, the title of this post is accurate. These two are doing what boyfriends tend to do in bed together. They’re so in love that it’s almost annoying!

UPDATE: And now it’s back online! Check out the link above to watch.

– Dewitt

21 thoughts on “Watch Davis Mallory From The Real World And His Boyfriend Do What Boyfriends Do In Bed Together

  1. An update on Boy Culture’s post says the video has now been made private … can’t imagine why …

  2. Yay for International Armpit Week! Armpits are so under-rated (no pun intended) (ok, pun intended). I find it hilarious that guys will lick butt without a second thought, but fah-reek OUT when it comes to lickin’ [antiperspirant-free] armpits. It’s where all the pheromones are, guys! It’s also the sexiest part of the body, but that’s just opinion. Or fact. Jus’ sayin’.

  3. Doing what boyfriends do in bed together? Talk about how to pay the bills? Tug of War over the blankets? Tons of fun.

  4. I totally agree that armpits are very erotic and sensual and underrated.   I find them fun, sexy and likable.

  5. He was the stereotypical gay pretty-boy on RW Denver. He called his roomie the N word and cheated on his super hot Bf. Appreciate him reinforcing the notion that  gwm are  racist and promiscuous. At least he’s nice to look at.

  6. Dear sassy sam,

    I’ll keep up with what I want to keep up with. I’m my own person. Thanks! BYE!



  7. I might care if there hadn’t been 100 seasons of Real World since he was on.   Scratch that, I still wouldn’t care. 

  8. With all the out of work writers out there. I am sure they can find a replacement for dimwitt. I agree sassy sam.

  9. They are both very dumb (and apparently very narcissistic).  What a waste of my life.  It’s like 20-somethings think they need to avoid substance as if it were the plague.

  10. You must be a very unhappy person if that’s what you came away with. Bitter much? This video is so sweet and goofy. Young and in love, nothing wrong with that.

  11. Can we say pathetic, I’d rather watch bad Girls Club than to waste a few minutes of my life watching two boring pretentious twinks.

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