Quickie: Phil Kulec

Not that anyone cares, but Phil Kulec is a bit too chiseled for my personal tastes. I say that as if I’d have a chance with him, knowing perfectly well that I’m a fucking nerd, and he’s a ridiculously gorgeous muscle god. Please! This bitch even wouldn’t bother looking my way on the sidewalk…

Alas, behold the Clark Kent realness of this picture! They should dump Henry Cavill for the new Superman movie (no they shouldn’t) and re-film the whole thing with this guy. Wait! Scratch that! Instead, they should make a Man of Steel porno and cast Phil Kulec in the lead role. I’m writing the screenplay right now.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Gilles Crofta

Click through to gawk at Phil Kulec’s muscles:

109 thoughts on “Quickie: Phil Kulec

  1. Would be even better if he didn’t wax his chest though..  Keep it natural!  But that Jaw.  Oh my lanta!

  2. woof… if he had a nose job and hadnt ruined his right arm with that graffiti he would be totally amazingly hot… as it is with the nose and the tattoo i will cum on his face

  3. Gross!! Haha. This guy looks like he’s made of plastic. Literally – the photos are so airbrushed that he looks like he was manufactured in a factory somewhere in Japan where they had a picture of male musculature to model him after.

    Totally not down. There’s ZERO personality to this guy – especially with the carbon-copy Japanese-style sleeve tattoo that looks like he slipped one of those Lycra ‘tattoo sleeves’ on.

    Also, looks like he’s got a small pecker, and his facial expressions make him seem like a stuck-up jerk. No warmth at all.


  4. He looks great in these pictures,,but I get the feeling that he wouldnt be that appealing (personality wise) in person.

  5. Waterlily tats on his arm makes for thinking what personality he has to have a hot bod yet put such feminine images on his body of work. Hmmm…there must be something there guys. Think about it.

  6. Drool! I’m not normally into tattoos, but it works for him because he hasn’t gone crazy with it all over his body. ! If he inks any part of that torso or neck, that would be a crime. 

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous man, if a little stiff in the pics.  And REALLY there wasn’t a stylist anywhere on set who could adjust the glasses in the first pics?

  8. I just woke up and opened this. Whilst sipping my first cup of coffee I felt a hotness in my crotch. This guy is so hot. I would love to eat him for breakfast…and lunch…and dinner.

  9. I was worried for a second that the “hotness in your crotch” involved spilled coffee. Glad that it was just a boner!

  10. completely gorgeous face but that body is overworked. That gorgeous chest is going to become ‘Swarzeneggar breasts’ in a few decades.

  11. Mr. DNP ( Dam near perfect ) needs 2 loose the pants & undies and show some ASS love the tan lines !!!!

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