Some Very Sexy Pics of Marlon Teixeira

Oh gosh. This really is a recurring theme, isn’t it? This picture of Marlon Teixeira wasn’t intended to be part of Manhunt Daily‘s International Armpit Appreciation Week. It happened by accident! My fingers were moving, and before I knew it… This was the opening image for this post.

I think I may have a problem (or, at the very least, a fetish).

But we can save the confessions for later! For now, let’s appreciate how great Marlon looks in these designs from Lucien Pellat-Finet‘s 2012 Spring/Summer collection. Even more importantly, let’s discuss the way his ass looks in that swimsuit. The answer? Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dimitris Theocharis

Click through for more pics of Marlon being sexy and whatnot:

Something tells us Benjamin Godfre might like these next two…

We edited this one for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome!

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