Novak Djokovic Has The Best “O” Face Ever

Given our position as professional smut-peddlers, we’ve failed you by not posting this video of Novak Djokovic celebrating his victory at the 2012 Australian Open. If not only for his facial expression alone! Djokovic’s match against Rafael Nadal was apparently “the longest Grand Slam final in history” (whatever that means), all ending with the greatest shirt removal and faux-orgasm in Grand Slam final history.

We know who you were rooting for, so feel free to drop your pants and join in on the celebration! Oh yeah… And the first person to to take any pic in this post and convincingly Photoshop Djokovic’s head into a gay porn scene gets a free week of unlimited membership to Manhunt. Also, a picture of my penis.*

– Dewitt

* If you can find it on Manhunt.

Click through to see more pics and a video of Djokovic’s O-face:

(Photos via Best Week Ever)

18 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic Has The Best “O” Face Ever

  1. Years ago I began having a crush on the Djoker.    The combination of clean-cut, handsome, eastern European, and jock makes me a little nuts.  He’s worked hard to become Number 1.  I think he found that some food (wheat gluten?) was holding him back.  He’s a model of physical fitness.  Yeah, the girl friend is a bit of a disappointment.  It’s hot when he (and other hot players) throw their sweaty gear to the crowd.  One of his after-match  sweaty socks would be a great souvenir.  Manhunt and Djokovic is a combination I wasn’t exactly expecting.  Nice.

  2. There are four majors, or Grand Slams, in tennis:  The Australian Open (hard court), the French Open (clay court), Wimbledon (grass court), and the U.S. Open (hard court).  These events are considered to be the most prestigious events to win in tennis.  At almost six hours long, this final was the longest final of the four Grand Slams in tennis history.  

  3. Mmmm… Tennis… Yes please. Nothing better than watching men run around in little white shorts while knocking back Bloody Marys… Yum.

  4. Yeah, I tried to find stories too.  All I could find were some posts that Martina Navratilova suspects that he’s anti-gay.

  5. I love Novak!  He’s a great athlete and totally deserves to be where he is in his sport.  No one has ever worked harder to get there.  Nadal, on the other hand, at least to me, is such a turn-off when he sneers out of one side of his face and pumps his fist every time he makes a point.  He seems like he’s a nice guy when he’s being interviewed, but somehow I don’t believe it because of his attitude on the court.  He kind of looks a bit Neanderthal to me anyway.  I’m glad Djokovic is Number One and hope he beats Nadal again at the French Open.  That would be his ultimate accomplishment, I’m sure he would agree.

  6. Now if we could only get him 2 take his shorts off would love 2 see his ( what looks like a very FUCKABLE ) ass ……

  7. Poor sportsmanship? I think not! The guy just won a grand slam title after spending 6 hours on a court facing the 1 person in the world who had the ability to take the title from him… To just smile and wave would’ve been more of an insult to his fans and to Nadal!!!

    Having said that, I’ve always favoured Nadal, shame about his face, but makes up for it with the rest!!

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