The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Nate Karlton Looking Absurdly Sexy In (And Out Of) Uniform

I’m sorry! I really shouldn’t have used this image as the opening shot for today’s Cock Buffet. I mean, it’s okay if you’d already splooged all over yourself uncontrollably. Nate Karlton has that effect on people, and it’s only going to get worst once you […]

Thank Cock It’s Friday: Dominic Pacifico Proves That Oreos Aren’t The Only Thing That Can Be Double-Stuffed

Remember how, earlier this week, the Oreo Facebook page posted a rainbow-stuffed cookie for Pride and everyone flipped their shit, bought ten million packages of Oreos and got happily fat together? I do too! That was pretty nice (aside from the obvious backlash from homophobic […]