Watch Kennedy Carter & His Insanely Hot Boyfriend Ivan (Also) Do What Boyfriends Do In Bed Together

Where the hell has Kennedy Carter been hiding his boyfriend Ivan all this time? Everything about him is frickin’ perfect, and I’m downright baffled that he hasn’t done porn before. Ugh. I mean, just look at his cock! That upward curve was hand-crafted by the gods of gay sex! It is made to be inside of people! Preferably, on film.

Luckily, the pair approached Cocky Boys to do a scene together, and the site agreed to let them share their passion with the world. Take note! “Share their passion” loosely translates to these two flip-fucking and you wanting to touch yourself as you watch.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

Click through to see Kennedy and Ivan flip-fucking:

244 thoughts on “Watch Kennedy Carter & His Insanely Hot Boyfriend Ivan (Also) Do What Boyfriends Do In Bed Together

  1. lol they are not bfs first of all… they are being paid, and i know the ginger guy lives alone and doesnt have a bf… he lives in my road

    secondly, that is NOT anything like what bfs do in bed. Bfs shout at each other, ignore each other, eat food, watch tv and browse the internet in bed, they do not ever fuck (well not each other – they fuck loads of strangers though) in bed.

  2. Agreed.  And the trite sayings?  It’s like treating your body as if it were the inside cover of a high-school yearbook. 

  3. when I got my one and only tattoo almost 30 years ago, a simple crab with the astrological sign for Cancer in the center (69 on its side), my oldest sister said “You know that’s permanent?” I wonder what she would say if she saw Ivan’s heavily inked body, full of “trite sayings”, as Greatcock1963 said- and I also wonder if Greatcock lives up to his name

  4. Are we allowed to submit topics? I was thinking a poll on how many people bareback in a committed relationship, the whys and why nots

  5. Nevermind…Hott and sexxxy video….I agree with some of the posters above…He would have been much hotter without all of the ink

  6. seem to have a problem lol..have it seen to soon or you will end up a lonely old man. These two guys are just nice and compatable.

  7. love a fantasy, almost as much as reading how other people interpret the same fantasy….They’re both pretty hot, so excuse me while I go and fantasise….

  8. Great clip. Love the sense of fooling around and the flip. Ivan’s got quite an impressive pole! Nice kiss at the end. Just a pity the bed wasn’t bigger!

  9. if they say “boyfriends” they can atleast have the decency of “trying” to be convincing and showing us they’ll do bareback with their boyfriend >.>

  10. yeah this is total rubbish “boyfriends” lol as IF!!

    and @ DENIS … problem?? no, i told the truth!!! i have a partner, im happily settled down, my life is great. you neednt worry about me… just listen to what I say, because I say the truth!!!

  11. and totally agree with zzz why do people think it looks good to write graffiti on themselves. it looks like they let toddlers loose with the felt tip pens on their bodies

  12. Jesus, bitter much?

    If they’re NOT boyfriends, Kennedy Carter’s done a pretty good job of pretending they have been for months and months before this scene was ever filmed considering how often he brings him up on twitter…

    As far as “if they’re boyfriends why don’t they bareback”, at least one of these guys fucks men for a living…I say good on them for playing it safe.

    Last point: every interview I’ve read with Kennedy Carter and everything he writes on twitter leads me to believe he’s a nice guy, he doesn’t come across as vapid, and they’re both hot, so what’s with all the haterade, people?

    Nobody is forcing you to watch them, why not just go find something you DO like if such a thing exists instead of just spewing out stereotypically bitchy queen shit all over the internet? I’m not really into twinks, but I’ve got better things to do with my time than find where all their porn is posted and then go shit all over them in front of their fans…get a fuckin’ life, dudes!

  13. Well as a “lonely old man” I would like to say that I use to fuck like that with my BF and offen but maybe thats why I’m single now. What could be worse than that.
    PS we also did 3somes!!!!!!!

  14. Oh jeez Zeus, get a life. That may be what your boyfriend does but there’s no need to share your bitterness with the rest of us. If your boyfriend is doing this, then why the fuck are you still with him? Get the fuck out and get a life!

  15. They may be just a couple of actors (albeit porn actors) but I found this fantasy to be incredibly hot ~ a lot hotter than I expected, looking at each one individually and separately! I guess I must be suffering from penis envy ~ envy for penis in the mouth, envy for penis in the butt hole, envy… thx for a nice look at a couple of hot dudes who are complimentarily matched and getting it on (and in)…

  16. Ivan is pretty hot, and it’s strange that he hasn’t considered doing porn.  He’d do pretty well since he has both a great cock, and hot ass which i’am a fan of already.  As far as the ink goes, if anyone wants to tattoo, or pierce their bodies then it’s their choice.  I don’t have a vote so i looked past them to the meat of the subject.

  17. I think most committed couples do.  My partner of 11.5 years and I do.  We’re committed & don’t play/share, so there’s no need to cover’em up. 

  18. Iiiiiiiiiiiii looooooooove these two guys.  I typically go for smaller framed guys, but these two are amazing.  And I happen to like the ink, but that’s just me.  I would LOVE to see more vids of these guys.  LOADS more!! ;)~

  19. who needs to past judgement?
    the bait bus – gay guys playing safe
    this one – gay guys playing bf’s
    let it go people.
    the poverty of heart, the fire of aggressive mean spiritedness – it says nothing of the hot hot fun fun video, the video will always be a top favorite of mine. Know if they are bf’s? I don’t wanna know, don’t care – it’s my fantasy so let’s let people believe in the tooth fairy and santa – and not shit on their parade. It was great … and it’ inspired me. YEAH I wanna bang that well again – I’m going out to feel hot, comfortable and sexy – and when I’m ready – we’ll start by watching this video!

    Cockyboys – you nailed it, both of them!

  20. my mouth is wide open in shock (and hope that one of their cocks will fill it). they are the hottest couple ive ever seen. period.

  21. Freakin ridiculous! U guys are judging the dudes tats!!! & how they’re permanent. They’re getting paid to have sex on film!!! That’s the permanent thing that’s out there! Like the tats & the scene, u people are all screwed in ure minds! Wanna be prudes… Stay away from porn!

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