Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer on Fellow Travelers’ gay love story and sex scenes

The stars of the upcoming series Fellow Travelers, Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer, have discussed the project’s gay love story. Bailey and Bomer will play Tim Laughlin, a young and optimistic graduate looking for a job in Washington DC’s elite, and Hawkins Fuller, a political staffer […]

Manu Ríos says it got “pretty hot” working with Pedro Pascal on that gay western

Anticipation for Pedro Pascal’s upcoming queer western drama A Strange Way of Life has reached the point were the gays are about to spontaneously combust. Directed by Oscar-winning Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, the Brokeback Mountain-esque short features Pascal, 48, and Ethan Hawke, 52, playing an outlaw and a […]

Zac Efron’s younger brother Dylan shows off his “full moon” & more in thirsty adventure photos

For those of us who grew up on The Disney Channel, Zac Efron‘s been a mainstay crush ever since he was “breakin’ free” in High School Musical. And now that he’s in fighting shape to play part of a real-life wrestling dynasty in the biopic The Iron Claw, we’re reminded […]