Twitter Feed (Me): Because Far Better People Than POTUS Tweet On The Regular…

Don’t get me started on THAT asshole. It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for “Twitter Feed (Me)!” It’s our weekly round-up of the best gay porn star tweets. Every week, I cross my fingers that some of these dudes put up vids of them jerking off, or showing their puckers, or fucking. Hell, I’ll settle for a shower selfie. And sometimes they come through for me!

Michael Xavier

JJ Knight is showing us what a happy household looks like, guest-starring his bf Brent Corrigan.

Gabriel Cross has one of the best butts in porn, and look at him with Austin Wolff. Austin has one of the BIGGEST and best butts in porn! SO MANY BUTTS. BUTTS>

Chris Bines has a great smile and a NICE dick.

FYI, Brendan Patrick is a cam boy.

Skyy Knox finds it hard to leave work at work.

There’s a lot going on at Colby’s Crew, most of it having to do with ass.

Jake Ashford wants you to see what not forgetting leg day gets you.

Jimmy Durano has hot friends.

Alessandro Haddad is modest.

Blake Mitchell is looking to the future.

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