Colby’s Crew: Colby Jansen Breaks In Kevin David

Oh, Colby Jansen. I dream of you. That time you drove me back to the hotel after your shoot…. And I thought “I am sitting in Colby Jansen’s car. Colby Jansen is sitting less than a foot beside me. Colby’s cock, ass, and the rest of him are so very close. Do I offer to […]

Colby’s Crew: Tobias James And Mateo Fuck During An Away Game

This might be the FIRST Colby’s Crew post I’ve written WITHOUT Colby Jansen in it. It feels strange, sort of scary, and makes me think that my porn idol Colby is my porn security blanket! Thankfully Tobias James and Mateo are here to comfort me. With their hot asses and big dicks! Part 1 of […]

On Set: Exclusive Footage Of Colby Jansen, Brett Dylan, And Drew Hill For Colby’s Crew

The most POPULAR scene series on Colby’s Crew has been “The Internship.” Colby Jansen‘s looking for interns. And when you’re Colby Jansen, your interview process isn’t exactly the norm. You probably won’t see this as a “how-to” in Forbes. (Unless Forbes suddenly got very readable.) In fact, as potential interns Brett Dylan and Drew Hill […]

On Set: A Sneak Preview Of Colby Jansen And Jaxton Wheeler For Colby’s Crew!

I THOUGHT the peak of my porn blogger experience reached last summer. That’s when I was on set to watch several scenes being filmed for the sparkly new Colby’s Crew. My worship of Colby Jansen is a known quantity so seeing the burly beastmaster naked up-close and fucking out the brains of newbies…well, it’s was […]

Colby’s Crew: Colby Jansen “Mentors” Jackson Grant

For those of you less discerning readers, “mentors” is a euphemism in this case. It means “FUCKS.” Jackson Grant is a newcomer that is already making his way into the Boner Creator Hall of Fame with his scenes for Colby’s Crew. Not to humble-brag but I was on the set when he shot a hot […]

Colby Jansen Is Fucking Casey Everett For Colby’s Crew

Colby Jansen, porn god and owner of the beefiest ass in porn (no offense, Billy Santoro), is a former pro rugby player. You could probably tell by the theming of the site – all sporty with the porn family crest. In this scene, Colby is playing coach to the sexy young Casey Everett. He teaches […]

Meet Colby’s Crew!

Hey fuckers! It was an honor and a privilege over the summer to be on set while Colby Jansen and crew shot some of the first scenes for Colby’s Crew. In-between all of the fucking and sucking, some of those sexy fuckers were nice enough to sit down with us and talk about life as […]

Colby Jansen Is Fucking Christian Taylor For Colby’s Crew

And they’re off! Colby’s Crew is still in its infancy, but I think I’ve already found my favorite scene so far. It starts with Colby Jansen playing a beefy coach of some sort (so it’s a huge stretch for his acting abilities) and he’s taking sexy little otter boy Christian Taylor for a run. I’m […]