JJ Knight Manages To Fit His Big Dick Into Addison Blue’s Ass

Seriously, Addison Blue might want to consult some health professionals and maybe some engineers before he takes that dick on. JJ Knight is PACKING. JJ can sense when Addison is opened up and when Addison begs for the massive monster to fuck him, JJ bends him over and slides his dick deep inside. JJ pumps […]

Huge Cocks: JJ Knight Rides Fane Roberts

Falcon’s Route 69 is on fire. (Someone might want to call a road crew.) It’s hard to miss the massive bulge in JJ’s pants and when he pulls his extra-large member out from hiding, Fane is right there to suck it. JJ’s dick is so big and thick that it’s hard for Fane to fit […]

Falcon: JJ Knight And Blake Riley Go From “Heaven To Hell”

Falcon’s porn fable Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2 is fire! HELLFIRE! The latest scene features the lengthy-dicked JJ Knight putting it to the bubble-butted Blake Riley. There’s some blather about demons and devils and henchmen. Who cares? We’re here for the fucking. And fuck they do! Click here for more (bring your crucifix and holy […]

Falcon: JJ Knight Has Alex Gray “Hook’d”

JJ Knight, he of the lengthy schlong, starts texting with cutie Alex Gray. JJ has to verify that Alex is a bottom, because I’m not sure JJ ever does? Does he? Porn detectives, mount the fuck up! Anyhoo, they quickly rendezvous and Alex gets to bounce on JJ’s pole. It’s a successful hookup! Alex gets […]

Huge Cocks: JJ Knight Takes Seth Santoro “Into The Blue” For Falcon

This Falcon scene takes place at a pool. Boston is encased in snow today and there was a blizzard last night, so I need to go to there. Seth Santoro confuses JJ Knight’s gargantuan penis for a pool toy, and climbs on top! He really wants something to float on so he tries to blow […]

When Porn Titans Meet: JJ Knight And Sebastian Kross

Here are my most recent associations with these two porn warriors. Whilst in Vegas, we were all sitting around in a lounge one evening when the subject of which pro fucker deserves the title of “the hottest guy in porn right now.” We WERE at a porn affiliate convention, after all. Many names were bandied […]

Naked Sword: JJ Knight Gets Greasy

Goddamn, does JJ Knight have a big cock. Christian Taylor is practically drooling in anticipation. Speaking of drooling, Christian’s eyes MUST be watering as he tries to fit JJ’s giant hog in his throat! It’s the next scene of Naked Sword Originals’ Greasers. Christian is a nerdy type trying to tutor juvenile delinquent JJ. However, […]

JJ Knight Works At HotHouse’s Sex Hospital, Too!

DAMN at Landon Mycles‘ body. That leg thrown over JJ! I was still recovering from the Austin Wolf/Armond Rizzo scene from a few days ago when HotHouse dropped the NEXT chapter of “Internal Specialists!” Austin had barely had time to stop spinning Armond on his cock when I learned that JJ Knight is also a […]

Huge Cocks: JJ Knight And Jeremy Spreadums Pitch A Tent

Camping is sexy! You and a “pal” (by “pal” I mean the guy you’re fucking) go fishing, build a fire, hang out in your underwear, FUCK. JJ Knight and Jeremy Spreadums find camping sexy, too. They splash around in the river, strip down to their tighty whities afterward, and get after it. Retreating to their […]

JJ Knight Is Fucking Brent Corrigan For Falcon

Damn, when two porn greats collide, it’s a fucking sexplosion! I don’t even know what that means but I do know that this scene from Falcon is melting my balls with how hot it is. Brent Corrigan’s ass is incredible and might even be perkier than it was during his infamous superstar twink years. JJ […]