Twink Time: Blake Mitchell Takes Noah White On A Joyride

It has to be every bottom’s fantasy to go on a date with big dicked Blake Mitchell! My bottom side (that came out weird) has to agree. Usually, I don’t like em’ young. But Blake Mitchell is definitely one of the exceptions. He’s beautiful, with a kick body and a nice, big dick. It’s a […]

Twink Orgy: Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase, Joey Mitchell, And Aiden Garcia

The youngins’ are going at it again in a twink orgy over at Helix. Twink superstar Blake Mitchell leads Brad Chase, Joey Mitchell, and Aiden Garcia in a fur rug nude wrestling match that eventually ends up in a steamy foursome in bed. And that chain of rimming and cocksucking that’s the exact definition of […]

Twink Time: Blake Mitchell And Corbin Colby Double-Team Kyle Ross

Two Good To Be True feature twink porn emperor Blake Mitchell and his hot friend Corbin Colby picking up the shaggy-haired Kyle Ross at lunch. They take him back to the grin, and use him so hard that he practically needs to be wrung out by the end. Next thing he knows, Kyle is bent […]

Twink Tank: Blake Mitchell And Chandler Mason Play With Balls

Another first! It’s the first time I’ve featured twinks since we relaunched the blog! Someone bring in some barely legal dudes to suck me off in celebration! Ok, don’t do that – I’m more into the beefy types. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t all about the twinks! Here’s the biggest star in the twink […]

LIfeguards: Blake Mitchell Busts Joey Mills’ Beach Bum

Blake Mitchell continues his reign as the Prince of Twink Porn. Helix Studios’ Lifeguards: Summer Session has begun, and they’re off to a roaring start. Twink porn prince Blake Mitchell catches Joey Mills smokin’ doobies on the beach and has to discipline him. You can’t smoke on the beach! Well, you can smoke one thing […]

Twink Tank: Helix’s Blake Mitchell + Greco Rai

The American version of the farm that grows unreasonably attractive Eastern European youths for Bel Ami films, has been doing a bang up job for Helix Studios the last few years. And this pair is no exception. Blake Mitchell (glasses) and Greco Rai (hair) are smooth and handsome and just FULL of almost underage jizz. The scene itself […]

Blake Mitchell Getting “Autoblown” During Interview [Video]

Davey Wavey gets naughty in his latest interview video with twink porn star Blake Mitchell. In this video, it looks like cute twink from Helix Studios, Blake Mitchell get his cock sucked by this blowjob machine “Autoblow” while answering questions from Davey. Hmmm…. Maybe I should get one of these Autoblown things for my next […]

Aural Only: James Blake

We finally caved in and listened to James Blake. It’s not really clear why we’ve been holding off on the experience, given all the buzz flying around about this UK artist. His electronic compositions are sparse, haunting and quite beautiful. And if that’s not enough for you, he somehow managed to cover Joni Mitchell‘s “A […]