Kit Connor Says We Need More Bisexual Representation—And He’s Absolutely Right

Kit Connor wants to see more bisexuals in media.

Connor, who plays a bisexual teen in the hit Netflix show Heartstopper, has opened up about how he feels as a member of the bi community when he sees a lack of representation for people like himself.

The comments came when Connor was speaking on a Critics’ Choice Awards panel with fellow Heartstopper star Joe Locke.

“I think that the bisexual community is a community that has really a shockingly low amount of representation, especially male bisexual characters,” he said in a clip going around on Twitter.

“It is shocking because a huge amount of the LGBTQIA+ community is made up of bisexual people,” he continued. “It’s a huge community but we really don’t get much representation.”

He also talked about what it’s like to be able to contribute to that representation.

“It was a real pleasure to be able to portray that journey and those experiences,” he said, talking about his character Nick on Heartstopper

“Playing those kind of moments — it felt like the main arc of the character if that makes sense,” he continued. “It’s not just so much of working out whether or not you are a boy attracted to another boy, it’s also, you know, discovering whether or not everything that he sort of previously thought about his sexuality is suddenly invalid, or whether or not it’s something that he wants to still acknowledge. And I think that’s something that isn’t seen very often.”

Connor, who is bisexual himself, had previously been forced to come out after fans and viewers accused him of “queerbaiting” by playing a gay character and then holding hands with a female costar in real life.

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