Skyy Knox Worships Brent Corrigan’s Angelic Ass

Decades from now, when they do retrospectives about the classic gay porn of the 2010s, Earthbound – Heaven to Hell 2 will be held up as the gold standard. Falcon assembled all the porn superstars to fuck and fuck gloriously in their angelic-demonic epic. It’s time for Skyy Knox and Brent Corrigan to bang the […]

Falcon: Brent Corrigan Is A Grateful Home-Owner

Alessandro Haddad must be a helluva landscaper. Brent Corrigan definitely thinks so. A helluva landscaper deserves a helluva tip. This is why Brent buries his cock deep within Alessandro’s tight little bubble butt. Beats 20% and a bonus at Christmas! Corrigan is hot as balls in Property Lovers, and I could watch his abs flex […]

Falcon: Brent Corrigan And Ian Greene Get “Hook’d”

It’s the latest chapter of Falcon Studios’ Hook’d, and it stars the beautiful and famous Brent Corrigan. Brent’s been paired with Ian Greene and I think it’s a good choice. Is Ian on Manhunt? Gimme a sec while I check. Brent’s too famous but Ian… As soon as Brent arrives at Ian’s place, Ian gets […]

Brent Corrigan Directs Himself In The Brent Corrigan-Written “Ultra Fan”

I REALLY like the premise of Brent Corrigan’s latest for NakedSword Originals. In Ultra Fan, Brent plays himself being blackmailed into performing as a cam boy so that Jack Hunter isn’t brutalized anymore by Sean Duran? I love the idea of Brent, who is so fucking beautiful, enslaved and at the whim of a faceless […]

Brent Corrigan Is Fucking Griffin Barrows For Falcon

Remember when Brent Corrigan was the twink of the century and the prime example of sexy boyishness in porn? Well, he’s older now, more mature, and sorta manly? Honestly, I prefer this version. True, I’m not as amped in the penis about the twink thing as I am the manly beef thing, but he just […]

JJ Knight Is Fucking Brent Corrigan For Falcon

Damn, when two porn greats collide, it’s a fucking sexplosion! I don’t even know what that means but I do know that this scene from Falcon is melting my balls with how hot it is. Brent Corrigan’s ass is incredible and might even be perkier than it was during his infamous superstar twink years. JJ […]

Instahot: Let’s Check Out Brent Corrigan’s Instagram

Porn stars have Instagram accounts! Brent Corrigan has one. I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Brent Corrigan’s current look – older, filled out, twinkie turned fuckstud. It’s nice to see that probably the most well-known twink buttsluts in gay porn history can evolve and improve with age. I think he’s way hotter when he’s […]

Everything Butt: Brent Corrigan’s Ass Has Never Looked Better

After delivering solid scenes with Darius Ferdynand and Andrew Stark, one of the gay porn industry’s few remaining “stars” Brent Corrigan has proven that the rocky start to his comeback was just a fluke. While his latest with Theo Ford doesn’t appear to be quite as good as the poolside flip-fuck with Ferdynand, it’s a […]