Gabriel Cross’ Sugar Daddy Is Angry And Taking It Out On His Butthole

Dakota Rivers is Gabriel Cross’ sugar daddy and he is PISSED. It looks like Gabriel is spending a little bit too much, and Rivers means to teach him a lesson. His punishment? Getting his ass railed by Dakota’s big dick! Click here for more! Gabriel Cross – Twitter – Michael Xavier

Gabriel Cross Consoles Diego Reyes With His Bubble Butt

MEN’s Secret Affair is a penetrating (see what I did there?) drama about infidelity amongst some gay couples. It’s also got some hot fucking. I know you came (see what I did there) for the fucking, so I’ll get to it. Supertwunk Gabriel Cross wants to console thick-bodied beast Diego Reyes for being cheated upon. […]

Gabriel Cross And Mikey Junior Pack It In

British supertwunk Gabriel Cross has Mikey Junior helping him to pack his stuff. Whilst preparing to pack said stuff, Mikey stumbles upon a big thick dildo that obviously belongs in his butt. Gabriel stumbles upon this scene and quickly goes from amused to impressed to aroused. Mikey’s anal capacity has a new admirer! Gabriel shows […]

Gabriel Cross And Chris Bines Drop The Paintbrushes And Get To Fucking

Painting is the worst. It’s not quite as bad as moving or getting dental work done, but it sucks. It’s fun for about five seconds and then you wish you’d hired someone. The worst part is when you have to spread the tape, and then have to paint along the edge, and you wish you […]

Gabriel Cross And Alex Mecum Are The Porn Pairing You Didn’t Know You Needed

First off, taking Alexander Mecum’s big dick can’t always be easy. Especially if you’re a smaller guy like Gabriel Cross. Cross might be pained, but you can’t blame Mecum for giving it his all. Imagine if that perky, bouncy ass of Gabriel’s ass was in your face? How could you NOT plant your cock in […]

Gabriel Cross And Chris Blades Are Two Incredibly Hot Muscleboys Flip-Fucking

This scene made me SSSOOOO happy. I adore tiny powerhouse Gabriel Cross. His tight body and bouncy bubble ass cause me pre-cum. This is my first time watching Chris Blades in action, and I am not disappointed. Watching him eat Gabriel’s round ass is a revelation in rimming! They flip-fuck each other, these two clean-cut […]

7 Questions: Gabriel Cross

Hey, guys! Welcome to the new and improved Manhunt Daily! We’re SO boned to unveil the new blog! Everything is shiny and new, and the content’s going to match. (Seriously, the last iteration had taken on a dungeonesque quality. I’m all for BDSM, but it had gotten a little dreary.) We want to bring you […]

Falcon: Gabriel Cross Bouncing On Derek Bolt’s Cock Has Completed My Life

I had no idea this was what I needed in my life. Today, I watched a teaser from the latest installment of Falcon Studios’ “Desert Getaway,” and I experienced this. Life IS about Gabriel Cross rubber-balling those perky white buttcheeks on Derek Bolt’s wang. I didn’t think that the scene from “Desert Getaway” with Cross […]

Scotty Zee Nails Gabriel Cross

My porn puns are subtle. Continuing the latest porn trend of emphasizing “connection,” “emotion,” and “hot couples on dates in beautiful locales,” Next Door Raw sent shortish porn sparkplug Gabriel Cross and taller, shaggy-haired handsomeness Scotty Zee on a weekend away. Long walks through the vineyard and multiple glasses of pinot noir lead to these […]