Unlockables: Do It By The Window


Ever notice how everyone looks better in pictures that are taken outdoors? Natural lighting is pretty magical in that sense. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the privilege of taking nudie pics on our private balcony or in our backyard. So what can we do to capture the ultimate money shot?

Well, if you’ve got a window that isn’t facing your neighbors (unless you want to give them a show), try sitting by it while the sun is still shining. Turn your camera’s flash off, set up the timer and take a few shots. Looks much better than the washed-out pics you took with the flash, right? Give it a try! I swear that you’ll be happy with the results.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jeffrey Brewster

For two more shots of sexy model Aaron Loftin, follow the JUMP:



2,152 thoughts on “Unlockables: Do It By The Window

  1. what is it with queers making their hair into pointy triangle shapes on the top/middle of their heads? I just don’t get this style…

  2. How I just love the beauty of the great out doors and a hot young stud on a balcony just waiting 2 be ( LOL ) DE-FLOWERED !!

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