Weekly Top Ten: Alicia Gets Bumped


Highly suspicious! Our Weekly Top Ten rankings went under a curious transformation in very little time, resulting in superstar Alicia Keys getting bumped from the number three spot into dangerous territory. The other four artists who made up last week's top five have kept it strong, with Ellie Goulding rounding out the new line-up.

It could be worse for Alicia. She could have been placed in the same situation as Dangerous Muse, Adam Lambert, Peaches and the Sugababes. These four didn't quite make this week's cut, and hopefully we'll be seeing them all again with different songs. The xx, Three Days Grace and Gucci Mane didn't even get a chance to compete, as they were all eliminated in the Wild Card round. And in the case of Gucci Mane, he was really eliminated. 

If you're new to the Weekly Top Ten, stop looking at porn for a second while I explain the rules. Each week you'll be presented with ten songs. You get to vote for up to three moving to the next week. From those results, we'll take the five tunes with the highest percentages, a song we saved and four other contributions. These selections will make up the following week's charts.

So how do you get your favorite song on the list? I can tell you one thing–it's not by complaining. If you don't like what you see here, leave a comment with your suggestions for next week. We listen to nearly every song you recommend, and if it makes us tingle in our no-no places… you might see it here next time around!

– Dewitt

To check out the charts and vote, follow the JUMP:

  1. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (LW – 1): How will Gaga top her mind-blowing "Bad Romance" video? Well, the follow-up collaboration with Beyonce has been rumored to involve "Gaga and Bey's heads on a neon dancefloor, hearts in their mouths, blood on the floor and a phone wire connecting their heads together." There's not a single part of me that doubts the truth of this claim.
  2. Sade – Soldier of Love (LW – 2): It's amazing that the top two songs on this chart are practically polar opposites musically, yet they both have to do with heartbreak. I guess a lot of you have been done wrong in the past? It's okay! Strap on your soldier gear, head to my bedroom and I'll make it better.
  3. Roisin Murphy – Momma's Place (LW – 4): How do I even begin to describe the perfection of this song? Those powerful rocker-chick vocals! That epic '90s dance beat! They blend together to create the perfect equation for ass-shaking.
  4. Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (LW – 9): In a surprising last minute jump, Ellie hopped to the number three spot. Does she deserve to be there? I'm obviously biased, so you'll have to give me an answer with your votes. Until then, I'll have this song on repeat.
  5. Gabriella Cilmi – On A Mission (LW – 5): Now that I've put myself through RuPaul's Dragulator (no you can't see it), I should probably make a video of my two-dimensional self lip-synching to this song. It's the epitome of over-the-top and campy, and I'm loving every minute of it.
  6. Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (LW – 3): Let's ignore the accusations that she got done dirty. The fact is that this is an extraordinary R&B song, and it definitely deserves a place in our top five! Get your votes in quickly so Alicia hops back into the safety zone. Otherwise, she'll be gone next week.
  7. Darius Rucker – History In The Making (WILD CARD): With three number one country hits under his belt, Darius Rucker has transcended beyond being "that guy from Hootie & The Blowfish who decided to have a country crossover". His latest has been on the track to become his fourth number one, but can it make it to number one on our charts?
  8. Kaylah Marin – On The Floor (Oh Baby Please) (DEBUT): Before you dismiss the Josh Harris remix we've linked to, be sure to check out Kaylah's soulful original version. This girl has got it going on, and she deserves some exposure outside of the dance scene. I've had this song stuck in my head for the past couple of days.
  9. Goldfrapp – Rocket (DEBUT): So who wants to ride my rocket? This song is so damn good that it gets me ready to launch. Though I'll miss the mellower vibe of their last album, I'm really happy with the direction Goldfrapp's decided to take for this project.
  10. Mariah Carey f/ Nicki Minaj – Up Out My Face (DEBUT): Well, we promised that Mariah would be on the charts. We didn't promise that she'd be high in the ranks. With the exception of "Obsessed", Mimi hasn't fared all too well on our charts, but you lambs out there can change that by voting her to the top. 

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Top Ten: Alicia Gets Bumped

  1. Regarding last weeks results it got me thinking: Maybe Alicia Keys got the same treatment the week before eg. her being placed into the top 3 when she could have had less then 5% in the polls.
    I didn’t observe the voting before last week so I’m not familiar with how the voting works and whatnot. So whoever did make Alicia Keys #3 a fortnight ago, thank you lol.
    I’m going to stop voting for Gaga, she doesn’t even need my vote anymore.
    Alicia, Kaylah and Sade get my votes this week.

  2. I’m still on a mission for Gabriella. This is such a fun song.
    Rocket is quite literally a Blast!
    and Up out my Face is a new and fresh sound added to the airwaves.
    I love Bad Romance but I am ready for it to step aside and make room for some new and vibrant sounds for 2010

  3. I love Goldfrapp’s new single and voted for it along with Sade and Gaga. My suggestion for the wild card next week is Shontelle’s new song: “Impossible”.

  4. Roisin and Goldfrapp were my top two picks. They’re both so intersting. Not only are they brill performers, but they actually make music that is both innovative and fun. It’s not just cookie-cutter pop. I mean, I love me some Lady Gaga, but she’s not exactly cutting-edge musically.

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