Photos: Hustlaball Las Vegas Was Last Night!

And yes that is my flaptopped blonde beauty Johnny V busting out a pose for me amidst furious go-go dancing at Hustlaball Las Vegas! It was at Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and it was ON. Many of your favorite porn heroes were on hand, scantily clad and either getting bills stuffed in their jocks or performing bondage shows on the the mainstage (I see you, Jackson Fillmore, you bound and gagged beauty). It was my first Hustlaball and it was an experience! A few pics were managed but with the lightshow, and the dark, and the writhing about of hundreds of sweaty hot bodies, my cameraphone was pretty much telling me “nice try, dickhead.” But here’s what I DID get:

First off, before I even got in the club, I met the incredible Quentin Gainz. His body is SICKENING. What’s also sickening is how nice he is. Ugh, you’re supposed to be dick when you look like that. His Next Door work (and that threesome that I spooged over for Active Duty) have secured him a place on my current “Who’s Peaking My Interest And My Dick In Porn Scenes Lately” list.


You might recognize Johnny V from his versatile work for American Muscle Hunks and Hot House. He looks like every wet dream you ever had about what HAWT 50s greasers look like under their skintight jeans and leather jackets. Look at that form. Oh, and spoiler alert – he’s a sweetheart.

Photo Jan 15, 1 45 19 AM

Photo Jan 15, 1 45 19 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 7.51.25 PM

Ok, enough with the cartoon hearts and flowers. Where’s the smut? Hustlaball is known for its action, and last night was no different. To preface, last night’s Las Vegas event one was a little tamer in content than I’ve heard the other ones are around the world. (I actually heard some hair-raising stories from guys who have been to the REALLY filthy ones.) Ugh, Americans are such prudes. But that doesn’t mean crazy shit didn’t go down. Kinky fuckers Sebastian Keys and Jackson Fillmore put on a BDSM show that went from Jackson being tied to a pole to Jackson being molested in a sling to a dazed with lust Jackson being dragged off the stage by his hair and on his knees. Sebastian Keys don’t play. It was HAWT (well, I guess for the kinkier among you). It’s ok, though, Jackson survived the evening.


Whew! Good, cuz’ we need more of that! Check it out, here’s the beautiful Jackson tied to the aforementioned pole. He kind of reminded me of paintings of St. Sebastian. Luckily without the arrows.

Photo Jan 15, 12 21 06 AM

Photo Jan 15, 12 21 09 AM

Photo Jan 15, 12 21 13 AM

After yanking Jackson from the sling (more on that in a second), he shoved him down on his knees and just RUBBED his face across his crotch like he was trying to wash the sin from his roped-up mug. DIDN’T WORK.

Photo Jan 15, 1 53 14 AM

Photo Jan 15, 1 53 17 AM

Photo Jan 15, 1 53 19 AM

Photo Jan 15, 1 53 31 AM

I also quickly snapped a pic of the hugely popular (and hugely dicked) JJ Knight!

Photo Jan 15, 1 27 15 AM

That was about it…I know – believe me I tried to get more! The crowd was immense and way too busy dry-humping to let me get closer to my beloved porn dudes. Maybe next year!

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