This Vanity Fair Cover Was Censored for Male Nudity on Instagram

An Italian Vanity Fair cover has sparked controversy after Instagram allegedly removed it due to nudity concerns. Italy’s latest Eurovision stars, Mahmood and Blanco, were captured in a tasteful black and white image for the March edition of the magazine, ultimately naked but holding their hands in […]

The Hottest Movie Masturbation Scenes According to Mr Man

Whether you call it choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, or buffing the banana, there’s nothing hotter than seeing a gorgeous guy rub one out during some private time. Presenting the hottest real-life masturbation scenes in cinema right here. These hot pictures are just a sampler of the sausage party. […]

Hurry Up And Watch Before They Take It Down! (Dude Works Out In Jockstrap)

This needs to happen WAY MORE at the gym. Although, I realize that this sort of workout going on all the time would probably upgrade the facility from “gym” to “bathhouse.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Facebook user Jared Dawson posted this vid […]