Hot Photographer: John Edward Fink

So, a co-worker here at Manhunt HQ rolled up on me yesterday afternoon. They wanted to know why I had skipped the meeting. Meeting? What meeting? Oh, shit, I had a meeting! I had a good reason. I showed the co-worker in question. It’s because I fell into a hot dude hole (how I wish) caused by a photographer named John Edward Fink. He calls the Tumblr containing his work “Real Men Real Life.” Fink shoots the men you might NOT see on the glossy porn sites but are EQUALLY as hot. Hairy, beefy, rugged, very, very masculine-looking. And not that masculinity is everything, it just happens to turn ME on.

Whew, does Mr. Fink have an eye! Some of these dudes….you’re going to end understand why I forgot about that meeting.

For more of John Edward Fink’s work, go here.

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