This cowboy’s “lasso” in the viral dance to Beyoncé’s country bop has the internet ready to saddle up

Giddy up! The Beyhive has gone country now that Beyoncé has announced her upcoming Act II album will be pushing the yee-haw agenda. On Super Bowl Sunday, the pop diva interrupted our regularly scheduled programming with a (reportedly) $30 million Verizon commercial/Veep cross-over that ended with Beyoncé uttering four words […]

Beyoncé Was Great At The Super Bowl & You Can Eat A Hot Cup of Smegma If You Think Otherwise

“Beyoncé Silences Doubters With Intensity at Halftime” may sound like a tweet from a devoted follower of The Church of Destiny’s Child, but it’s an actual headline on The New York Times website right now. Look, you can throw your shade all you want: “Madonna […]