This Is Why I’m Rooting For The Saints


Fuck Peyton Manning and those damn Indianapolis Colts! The New Orleans Saints are where it's at for this year's Super Bowl. I don't care if saying this ruins my (non-existent) sports cred, because I'm absolutely in love with linebacker Scott Fujita. Beyond being a total hunk of man, this guy is one of the few professional athletes to proudly state that he supports gay rights.

“People say, That’s so courageous of you," said Fujita. "To me, it’s not that courageous to have an opinion, especially if you wholeheartedly think it’s the right thing. For me, standing up for equal rights is the right thing to do." To read more about his position on gay rights, be sure to check out his interview with The Advocate. Swoon!

– Dewitt

To see Scott Fujita shirtless, follow the JUMP:

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10 thoughts on “This Is Why I’m Rooting For The Saints

  1. Pulling for the Saints myself, simply because they’re the underdog. Yes, Scott Fujita is to be admired for voicing his opinions, too 🙂

  2. I live In Indiana and I can’t stand the Colts. I have always rooted for the go Saints! Besides men in New Orleans are much better than in Indianapolis

  3. New Orleans native here! WHO DAT! Not a huge sports fan, but I’ve been following my home team from birth and want them to win! Cha-Ching!

  4. I love how he’s standing up for gay rights and we’re sitting here ogling him like a piece of meat. (Yes, you can ogle meat, shut up.)
    Anyway, despite cultural ties to both teams, I think my not liking football will probably win out, and I won’t even watch the game.

  5. Fuck the saints the dumbasses can’t even come up with an original chant. EVER heard of WHO DEY? WHO DEY? WHO DEY THINK GONNA BEAT THEM BENGALS!

  6. I live on the Gulf Coast, and have been rooting for the Saints all year long. I’m happy they are in the Super Bowl. But I’ve been a Colts fan longer than I’ve been a Saints fan so i gotta pull for the Colts!
    But i do have a huge crush on Scott Fujita. He’s so hot!

  7. oh yes, this is why I’m glad my roommate makes me watch sports. I feel more comfortable knowing this is whats under the uniform.

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