The Locker Room: The 10 Sexiest Players To Watch For At The Super Bowl

Maybe you’re sick of all the news surrounding #DeflateGate, or tired of that one friend trying to sell you a crappy square for a supposedly good cause, or perhaps you just want to fast-forward to the Katy Perry half-time; but many of us could care less about that manly sport that plays between the multi-million dollar commercials this Sunday.

If you happen to be stuck with those jock, masc types, fret not! Keep an eye out for these gridiron gods and bask in their football glory! Here are our top ten favorite players to watch for this weekend.

Manhunt Chris

See pics of each player and learn more about him below:


10. COOPER HELFET (#84, Tight End, Seattle Seahawks):

Cooper Helfet of the Seattle Seahawks shirtless modeling pic

Best #BallsApproved Quote: “It’s going to be some hard hits on our side of the ball and hopefully that’s how we take that edge, we out physical them.” (Source)


9. JESSE WILLIAMS (#90, Defensive Tackle, Seattle Seahawks):

Jesse Williams of the Seattle Seahawks sticks out his tongue

Why Jesse’s #BallsApproved: The 24-year-old native of Australia—also known as the “Monstar”—has epic tattoos and even more epic tongue.


8. MARSHAWN LYNCH (#24, Running Back, Seattle Seahawks):

Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks naked

Best #BallsApproved Moment: Lynch caused controversy wearing gold plated sneakers, refusing to participate in media sessions and wearing personally branded “Beast Mode” hats, much to the chagrin of the NFL, who threatened a $500,000 fine if he continued to disrupt the Super Bowl scene. His response? At his only media session, Lynch appeared for approximately five minutes, answering nearly every question with, “I’m here so I won’t get fined.”

Oh, but he is indeed ‘fine’ by us…


7. RICHARD SHERMAN (#25, Corner Back, Seattle Seahawks):

Richard Sherman shirtless - Seattle Seahawks

Best #BallsApproved Sexting Moment: The athlete bragged about his “man package” after a female companion asked him for some photos. In a series of screen shots, Sherman allegedly texted, “I have never thought I was big but I’ve always been told I’m way too big.” – more sexts here.


6. RUSSELL WILSON (#3, Quarter Back, Seattle Seahawks):

Russell Wilson

Best #BallsApproved Confession: As revealed by his GQ article, Wilson confesses, “I used to bite people when I was young. Just take a chunk out of their arm… all the way up to about sixth grade.”


5. DANNY AMENDOLA (#80, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots):

Danny Amendola bulge and abs - New England Patriots

Best #BallsApproved Ellen Comment: In a making-of video for a magazine shoot, Amendola got shirtless and disclosed that he’s a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres, even down to her fashion sense, saying, “I love that show. She dresses really well. That’s kind of who I like to dress like.”


4. DARELLE REVIS (#24, Corner Back, New England Patriots):

Darrelle Revis shirtless

Best #BallsApproved Core Exerciser: Outside Online spotlighted Darrelle Revis’ steazy athleticism, expressing appreciation of his core, stating, “I love to do abs. And I’m big on squatting. That’s where you can get a lot of your explosiveness. The core is the most important thing. It’s where everything starts from: the core. If you have a strong core, you’re going to do very well competing out there.”


3. TOM BRADY (#12, Quarter Back, New England Patriots):

Tom Brady sexy

Best #BallsApproved #DeflateGate Insights: Controversy surrounds the star quarterback entering the weekend after footballs used during the AFC Championship game were found to be under-inflated, something Brady himself addressed in a special media conference, with quotable moments like, “I’m not squeezing the balls. That’s not part of my process”; “When I pick those balls out … I don’t want anyone touching the balls after that. I don’t want them rubbing them.”; and “I don’t think anyone knew there was an issue with the balls.”


2. JULIAN EDELMAN (#11, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots):

Julian Edelman bulgejulian-edelman-shirtless

Best #BallsApproved Bromance: Edelman loves working with offensive leader Tom Brady, so much so that he used the ‘L’ word in a recent TV interview, revealing, “That’s our leader and that’s why you have a guy like that leading us. He’s an unbelievable person and I truly love that man. I do. It’s great to have him as a part of this team.”


1. ROB GRONKOWSKI (#87, Tight End, New England Patriots):

Rob Gronkowski naked with a lollipop

Best #BallsApproved Gay Appreciator: When the Patriots player put his own “Tight End” fully on display for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue, most people saw the goofy hunk that later inspired an erotic novella. (A Gronking to Remember is currently a best-seller.)

However, you have missed his quote on supporting potential gay teammates, stating, “You’ve got to accept the player. Everyone has their own ways to live their life and as long as he’s respecting me… I’ll respect him back. If he’s being a great teammate and he’s a guy on the field doing a great job, well then you’ve got nothing to complain about. He’s another teammate and another friend.”




39 thoughts on “The Locker Room: The 10 Sexiest Players To Watch For At The Super Bowl

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo is drop dead gorgeous. Why he’s not on the list? I would do everything sexually with Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady. I bet they both are hot in bed and packing with nice asses.

  2. Maybe some of the white dudes are more attractive than some of the black dudes. I don’t find Richard Sherman attractive at all. He doesn’t make my cock hard at all. Now Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady gives me a big hard on.

  3. Thanks, TrueWords. He’s such an attractive man and he speaks well. I would rock his world. LOL

  4. Russell Wilson is hot and sexy too. I guess toay I’m a man whore looking at all these hot NFL players. LOL

  5. LOL; Amen to that. The same applies Doug Baldwin. I am glad I will not be watching the game with straight friends because seeing dome of the hot players on my flat screen 47 inch Samsung, I will get a big hard on. LOL We should have a Manhunt Super Bowl party and Dewitt can host.

  6. Julian Edelman and ROB GRONKOWSKI are very sexy in those pictures and they just made a fantastic superbowl stay sexy guys too bad we can not see you half naked in the locker room also celebrating your win. Yummy

  7. Here are some more hot black studs you missed:

    Shane Vereen
    Devin McCourty
    Chandler Jones

    Also, I have to be petty AF and say this: cornerback and quarterback are one word each. Not quarter back and corner back.

  8. I’ve always HATED Tom Brady for years, sorry my non-buddy Tom. I saw a picture of him with 4 rings on his hands yesterday on my computer and I said in back of my mind, I said “what a big deal after he lied to the NFL for deflating the ball”.

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