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Peyton Manning who? Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts with a score of 31-17, marking a symbolic victory after the city was devastated in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. The Colts played a fantastic regular season, but they dropped the ball in the big game. Trailing by only one touchdown late in the game, they were dealt a huge blow when Tracy Porter intercepted one of Manning's passes.

And how about those commercials? From Betty White's Snickers ad to the controversial Tim Tebow anti-abortion spot, there's plenty to talk about this morning. If you were too busy watching the Puppy Bowl to get in on the action, click through to check out some of the ads.

– Dewitt

To watch some of the Super Bowl commercials, follow the JUMP:

Betty White for Snickers:

Slap-Happy Kid by Doritos:

Casual Office by Career Builder:

No Pants Song by Dockers:

Super Bowl Shuffle by Boost Mobile:

Tim Tebow for Focus on The Family:

14 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIV Discussion Post

  1. An onside kick to begin the 2nd half? Who does that?! That was the game changer and Indy couldn’t answer back. New Orleans deserved the victory.
    The commercials sucked.

  2. Yep, I agree, the commercials sucked. The only one that made me laugh was the short spot with “Pawnksatanny Palomalu”…or however you spell those two tongue-twisters. And Tim Tebow is so damn hot, how could you be offended by that innocuous spot, whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life. I’m a Dem, but I’m glad he’s in the world too.
    As for the game…it was a good one, but the MVP award should have gone to the guy who intercepted Manning’s pass to cinch the win for the Saints.

  3. The commercials were pretty bad this year…but ya know what the game was totally worth it. The Saints desereved to win, and it was a history making game. The first time they eva won a superbowl. After the past decade, they have shown that they can bounce back. The Colts are way too cocky for their own good, and I hope manning cried like a little baby. Next year will be all about the PATS!

  4. you know… more then half of the people that watch the superbowl do it for only the commercials.
    arguably, yeah, these commercials were lame, however, there are alot of other commercials which you’re missing out on 😛
    doritos kid was too overthought, but probably the best of them.

  5. I normally attend or host a rippin’ Super Bowl party each year. Since the network had blatantly announced that gay commercials would be rejected, yet allowed in some areas religious based or sponsored ads, our entire group decided to reject the network.
    Like many, we always found the commercials to be half the draw but figured they’d all be available on You-Tube almost as fast as they aired and we’d catch them that way. No big loss this year!
    So, networks and NFL, you lost a group of 31 gold card carrying fags, all in your most desired demographic group. We had a party anyways, with potluck, movies and built pornographic snow men afterwards. All in all a great day!

  6. Coming from New Zealand, watching the News coverage of the Superbowl and the adverts, I was pretty disappointed to see the network’s refusal to air the gay commercial, and to air the advert for the anti-women, anti-gay, anti-progress organisation, Focus on the Family.
    It’s weird how America idealises itself as the land of the free, and how the world has, historically, looked to America as being liberal. It was the birthplace of the cultural revolution, but now it is the deathbed of civil rights.

  7. Focus on the Family should sue to get its money back! 2.6 million paid for that lame piece of nonsense. So Tim Tebow’s Mom does not regret having him..WOW..SHOCKING, JUST SHOCKING.

  8. I am sooo glad The Saints won. I liked the Megan Fox commercial. When the 2 gay guys slapped each other, that made me laugh.

  9. Yea the Megan Fox ad RULED, especially with the two gay made me laugh. Also, the National Lampoon Ad just made me smile 🙂 Brings back some good memories of Christmas vaca

  10. I’ve been living on the Gulf Coast a few years now, I’ve been pulling for the Saints all season. But I’ve been a fan of Peyton Manning and the Colts long before I liked the Saints so I was cheering for the Colts in the Superbowl. But seeing the Saints win is a bittersweet moment. Yeah, the team I was rooting for lost, but seeing the people of the Gulf Coast, who’s been living here there whole lives, endured Hurricane Katrina, and go through the bullshit that followed that followed Katrina (i.e. insurance agencies), have smiles on their faces and celebrate is wonderful. And it’s MARDI GRAS SEASON!!!! So congrats Saints. Hope for a repeat next year.
    As far as the commercials, they SUCKED!!!! Waist of millions of dollars. But the ones that made me laugh were:
    1. Snicker w/ Betty White.
    2. The house made from Bud Light.
    3. Doritos – dog with the shock collar.
    4. The slap happy kid Doritos.
    5. Megan Fox (Damn she’s sexy!!!)
    Someone please tell and to come up with new ideas for commercials. The same shit over and over isn’t funny…

  11. The best team won yesterday and they did it with such skill Dru Breeze deserved the MVP award and I think having a field go kicker who can kick the ball from outside of 40 yards twice ( Superbowl record ) was just one of many reason as 2 why the New Orleans Saints are the Superbowl champions. BTW as far as the commercials go I love the Doritos slap happy kid & Betty White Snickers LOL that not what your Girlfriend said !! The Tim Tebow ad controversy was so over blown Family Focus received more attention leading up 2 the Superbowl than could have ever imagine …….

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