Gay Marriage Possible in New Hampshire

Gay New Hampshire

A New Hampshire State Representative has submitted a bill that will seek to legalize same-sex marriage in that state. Rep. Jim Splaine hopes that New Hampshire will turn civil unions, which they currently recognize, into full blown same-sex marriage!

Splaine says, "'I submitted the bill because I think it's important that we keep this dialogue going." I agree with him, and hopefully the state legislature will at least hear the arguments for gay marriage. Splaine was also the rep. who introduced the civil union bill when few thought it would pass. What do others think of the bill's chances?

– Andy

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3 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Possible in New Hampshire

  1. As a Civil Unioned couple here in NH, the first ones to acquire a license in our city, we applaud Rep. Splaine’s initiative in this legislation.
    More importantly, since the Civil Union law went into effect just one year ago, the gay movement in NH has proven that the world did not end, businesses were not adversely affected, etc. This is the right way to do things – keeping things moving in a positive way.
    I know first hand that the far right is continuing to make this an “religious” issue by their attempts to put the fear in people about gays and lesbians. This is not a religious issue at all. Yet, these bigots love to hide under that umbrella.
    I’ve recently left my employer of 10 years as this was one of the major issues – not being accepted and his “being a good Christian.”
    Let’s all work toward positive growth in our acquiring our rights.

  2. As a New Hampshire resident, I think the “Live Free or Die” motto is taken seriously in this state. Whether it is the right of an adult to drive without a seatbelt and/or without car insurance, people in New Hampshire take the freedom to live their lives as they choose to be fundamental. As such, I truly hope and believe our state will join Massachusetts and Connecticutt in affirming the right of same sex couples to legally marry.

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