Hmm, Manhunt Memberships Jumped 120% In Cleveland, Ohio This Week

We like to shy away from the political here at Manhunt Daily. This place is supposed to be an escape, a place where you find quality porn content with which to jerk off. Occasionally, though, we discover an interesting fact that combines both guys fucking and politics! And when it’s something that shows off some (not so) startling hypocrisy, well, I’m a snarky fellow who lives for this stuff.

This one has to do with the 2016 Republican National Convention (which closed last night). We were going through our analytics for the week and noticed something interesting about Ohio. Specifically, this week in Ohio. Weekly Manhunt memberships in The Buckeye State usually average about 1000 sign-ups per week. 2,220 people created Manhunt profiles this past week in Ohio.

Hmm, what happened in Ohio that could cause such a jump in guys looking for other guys to fuck? Was there a sale of some sort? Did Cincinnati suddenly become a popular summer vacation destination? Oh, I know – the Republican National Convention in Cleveland!

50,000 people were predicted to attend the RNC, bumping Cleveland’s population by 13%. That doesn’t compare with a 120% increase in horny guys in Cleveland looking for dick on Manhunt!

What’s ironic here is that the Republican platform is distinctly anti-LGBT (no matter how much their nominee disingenuously tries to pronounce “LGBTQ,” you can learn about it here). But, oddly enough, it appears as though there were a bunch of conservatives supporting that platform that were also spending their evenings on OUR platform which is dedicated solely to men meeting men. You can probably imagine the smile I’m sporting as I type this.

Unless it was all those horny ladies in the red, white, and blue cowboy hats that were looking for dick pics.

If you’re looking to find a cock-hungry closeted member of the GOP, just type “Ohio” into the search engine on Manhunt. I’m sure there are still a few stragglers who haven’t flown home to their wives just yet.

3 thoughts on “Hmm, Manhunt Memberships Jumped 120% In Cleveland, Ohio This Week

  1. I guess there is no reason to be surprised by this and so many closeted men trying to take advantage of the situation and openly gay horny men trying to get laid. It’s just a shame in this day and age so many still feel the need to stay hidden just so they can keep enjoying their daily life without persecution or loosing their jobs to avoid what some would call a scandal having so many Bi or Gay men Republican’s.

    And on the other hand if all the women involved with these things are as stiff and as cold in normal life as they are Politically I can understand why all their men are looking for a piece of fun loving ass too! LOL

  2. oh please, gay does not equal democrat. there are many more issues facing us today than who likes gays more. I, for one, agree and disagree with many platform issues of both parties, and of course I voted for same sex marriage, but as far as who can take the country in the right direction, i support Trump.

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