Manhunt Asks: Which States Have The “Smallest Hands” In Trump’s America?

He does seem to have teeny, tiny hands… We all know the correlation people make between small hands and small “manhoods” – in fact, it was a correlation that was repeatedly made during the Republican primaries. Sadly, it would have probably been made during the […]

Alleged British Serial Killer Allegedly Used Grindr To Allegedly Find His Alleged Victims

Did I use “alleged” and “allegedly” enough times? Stephen John Port, 40, of East Barking, London stands accused of the murders of four men that he supposedly met on Grindr. Port is said to have lured them back to his apartment and killed them with […]

Man’s Life Somehow “Nearly Ruined” by Pornography, Details Unclear

This is… Confusing.   The New York Times yesterday published an article called “Internet Porn Nearly Ruined His Life. Now He Wants to Help,” and then confusingly placed it in the the Men’s Style section. This profile of Alexander Rhodes, chromic masturbator and former google […]