Member of Blue Man Group and High School Principal Caught Doing the Naughty!

Blue Man Group

Some things you just can't make up. A member of the Blue Man Group, Darren Stephens, was arrested in Chicago for attempting to get off in a public park. The other man was Michael Pressler, an assistant principal at Maine East High School.

They were caught blowing each other at 5:45pm, which seems awfully early for that kind of fun in the park. We just hope the Blue Man wasn't in his full get up, now that would be messy!

– Andy

UPDATE: Turns out Darren Stephens is not from the Blue Man Group, according to TMZ. Looks like he lied on his police report, shame shame, this just lost 90% of its humor. Thanks to 'jim' for the heads up!

4 thoughts on “Member of Blue Man Group and High School Principal Caught Doing the Naughty!

  1. Turns out the guy was NOT ever in Blue Man Group (maybe he said he was, I don’t know). But because of this error the “crime” got national news coverage and the vice principal’s name and city have beeen published all over the country.

  2. the vive principal in question was the head of my high school fine arts department when i was still in school. he is a great guy and its a shame that his name is plastered all around the country. if he were with a woman this would have never happened.

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