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This is the trailer for the new Lifetime movie about the life of Mary Griffith, whose son Bobby committed suicide in part due to her constant religious condemnation of his homosexuality. Prayers for Bobby is an inspiring story, because through the loss of her son, Mary learned to accept all as they are and became an activist for gay youth. She has worked with Parents, Families and Friend of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) and other organizations to spread a message of acceptance and push for programs to help GLBT youth.

Sigourney Weaver plays the part of Mary. The movie will debut on Lifetime in January. It looks like a real tear-jerker.

– Andy

13 thoughts on “Prayers for Bobby Trailer

  1. Acceptance is the key to life.. with out acceptance then we do not have a multicultural community.. Life and acceptance is for every one.. not mater your culture, race, cread or sexuality.

  2. well this looks like a must to see. I got a bit moist on just on the teaser. btw if anyone reading this wants to hear from the real kids and parents in Australia. I helped put a forum up on youtube during world youth day earlier in the year. Just type in Gay Cathorlic in youtube and it should come up

  3. I was friends with Bobby. I always wonder what he’d be like today. Alot of the old group is dead or no longer in touch. I miss them and Bobby too. Thanks for posting this clip though. It made me remember some great times.

  4. Just watching the trailer made me cry for two reasons. I’m a former porn star of the 80’s. A couple of my peers committed suicide for the same reason. One of them had parents who claimed the body. And one was so wrapped up in her religion. Condemning him so much that she never went to claimed his body. I ask you what kind of parent is that. A piss poor one if you ask me. The other reason why this trailer brought tears to my eyes. Was only 32 months ago my partner committed suicide. For reasons I don’t know. And I may never know. When I told his dad about his death. He didn’t care. It was like a drop of water beading up on a ducks back. And this man wanted to be a preacher. Again I ask what kind of a parent would not give a damn if their child was dead or alive. I think you know my answer.

  5. And for all the breath the bigots waste condemning us…
    Which is worse: Loving your own gender, or hating your own child?
    We the Gay People are not the evil ones. That’s all I can say.

  6. I just bought the book. And I want to see the movie. My mother is like this right now, but she loves me so and does not know how to deal with me. She looks to religion only. But both my parents still cannot accept me.

  7. No to sympathize with the bigots, but there are still great people of faith who are still not open to the idea of homosexuality. That does not make them a bad or ignorant person. It is their matter of preference to not accept that lifestyle, and no one can or should shove it in their face to accept it. You Christian bigots are as equally intolerant of religion because of the gay agenda, but again, not all Christians denounce homosexuality. And not just the extreme right has the market cornered against homosexuality. People will simply have to live side by side with each other, and deal with it.

  8. Reviewed the movie and I do have to say that it brought tears to my eyes to see that there are parents out there that think only about what others might think and not about who is going thru this situation…..All parents should think twice before judging this and research and get a better understanding about homosexuality before it’s too late and the crying and asking for forgiveness will not bring back their loveone. Embrace your child and give them all the love unconditionally as it’s only God that can make a lifes decision……

  9. There are stories not in the bible that they just dont want us to know. This is a great site.
    the shortcut points to a story about non published issues in the bible that so many believe. God doesn’t hate gay or the life style. Jesus even was best man at a gay wedding. Read and let others know that God’s believes and words were twisted by MAN to control the masses. Peace and LOve to all. We are al created equal.

  10. I am a christian man and have battled all my life with depression, bipolar, and even the posibility of being gay. I dont agree with it but its all I want to be! I know that my God loves me just the same. It seems like it is harder for me to accept myself and who I could possibly be. We all just need some embracing of True Love from God and if we stay or continue to live in the lifestyle it is our choice. I need Prayer right now too and Im sure half of the straight people do too. Lets just all Love one another Like Christ does and in His name. Life brings us struggles and we beat ourselves up way too often for the ways that others see or view us.

  11. I happened 2 come across the book that inspired this film a few months ago, I thought about buying but didn’t. I’ve just started 2 deal with the fact that I’m gay, My life hasn’t been easy as I’ve been ridiculed, bashed and told by religious people that being gay is wrong, because of this I began to suffer from depression especially after I got “bashed”. It changed everything, it took away my safety and self-esteem, I’ve been going back and forth on ending my life because the pain sometimes just gets to overwhelming. I just want 2 live my life without feeling Like I’ll be hated. This trailer brought tears to my eyes because like the young man this film is based on, I’ve been there, a lot of us have been there and it is sad that it even has to come to ending your life. I do pray for us all and myself of course. People don’t realize how hard it is just by itself. It’s not something I’ve chosen or asked to be, I just am.

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