Joe Rogan Supports Gay Marriage, Is Suddenly Sexy

Joe Rogan is an actor/comedian/bodybuilder/talk radio guy/weed activist/podcaster who’s transformed over the years into a leather-daddy looking bull-type. He’s an attractive man, but watching him make people eat highly disgusting items when he hosted Fear Factor killed any boner I had for him. Luckily, “shallow” is on my resume. Joe recently went on a tirade against “weak-ass” bitches who are against gay marriage on his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Here’s a quote:

“I was 11, and I was like, what a silly man you are. You’re a grown man and this is something that bothers and concerns you? I remember thinking as an 11-year-old boy, wow, there’s a lot of weak-ass bitches out there posing as men.”

YAAASSSSS. PREACH. Precisely, Joe Rogan. Common sense is such a turn-on. Straight guys getting heated over marriage equality gets me so hard. Yes, I totally got over my abhorrence of Fear Factor and found Joe smoking hot all of a sudden.

Do you think Joe is progressive and liberal enough to receive a thank-you hummer from me?

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics of the surprisingly attractive Joe Rogan below:








Fear Factor






Joe Rogan performs at Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY





18 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Supports Gay Marriage, Is Suddenly Sexy

  1. Did he have the tattoo down the middle of his chest and stomach removed? In one pic he has that tattoo and no sleeves, then in another pic he has the sleeve tattoos and nothing down his chest. I’m so confused!

  2. Joe has always been sexy! As a kid, I remember watching Fear Factor just to masturbate to him before the commercial breaks. Now as a 21 year old adult, I still wank to pics of him! So sexy!

  3. the one down the middle of his chest the nife looking one is a fake, and its kind of a joker cause in Mixed Martial Arts, Brock Lesnar, has that tattoo for real and its kind of an omage, might have been a Halloween costume. but I never realized how jacked he was.

  4. Joe Rogan has always been one hella-sexy guy…Like Robert Conrad from the classic “Wild, Wild West” series, he’s this compact, ruggedly sexy dynamo with a natural swagger that captures the erotic fancy…And that body: Sweet Jesus, THAT BODY! Yeah, I guess you could say I like him–LOL– 😉

  5. I’ve always thought Joe was hot. He has an audio comedy skit called “Getting Pumped” (you can find it on YouTube) where he and his lifting buddy end up fucking. Always gets me hard.

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