Wicked Gay Blog Laments the Loss of Gay Clubs

Michael Musto and Brandon Voss also have some thoughts. 


I really liked what this post from Wicked Gay Blog was talking about earlier this week and thought it brought up some interesting conversation in their comments:


Michael Musto :: “Gay Dance Clubs on the Wane”

I just finished reading this article in the New York Times in which Michael Musto blames apps like Grindr and Spotify for the demise of the gay dance club.

Michaels writes, “Brandon Voss, 36, a club promoter and co-producer of several gay parties including Zoo, which ended last year, said that the demand for dance parties has declined. “The new generation just doesn’t support large dance clubs,” said Mr. Voss, who no longer regularly hosts dance parties. “They spend money on special events I do, like my RuPaul’s Drag Race, Pride and Halloween events. But the days of the weekly dance party are over, at least for now.”

Mr. Voss also blames the advent of hookup apps like Grindr, as well as music streaming services like SoundCloud and Spotify for replacing D.J.s as the way to learn about new music. “Why pay an expensive cover charge and deal with rude bouncers when you can just swipe on your iPhone?” he asked. The reasons gay men flocked to the dance floor have changed, too. In the age of same-sex marriage and transgender rights, gays no longer rely on nightclubs as safe places to congregate.” (Full article here)

All very valid points in this article, but I also feel like it is so much more than that. Many millenials have trouble with real face-to-face interactions and the thought of in person rejection may just be too much to handle. And then there is my generation, a generation that partied our asses off in the late 80’s and 90’s only to grow up and scratch our heads on exactly how much money we spent and how many brain cells we killed on “entertainment.”

This “demise of the gay bar” or “demise of the gay club” talk has been going on for a very long time. Several years ago I did this post on how bummed I was about all the gay bars in Boston that have closed over the years.  

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I think there’s some truth to what’s being said here, but I also don’t really see it as a loss. As somebody who spent his early twenties being a drunky mess at a lot of fun NYC parties and hangouts, being able to get exactly what I want out of that situation now, without having to deal with a lot of human trashboxes is much more rewarding. I’m grateful that I can get on Manhunt (or whatever app you use) and find the dude or situation I’m after without the hectic nonsense of other people.  I feel similarly about going to the movies: nothing ruins a film for me like seeing it with people who talk or use their phones through the entire thing.  Other people are the worst part of the experience! I certainly don’t want to dress up and pay for that scenario when I can get it at home for free and naked with just the people I enjoy!

But what do you guys think? Is there something to Voss and Musto’s theories? Are apps ruining everything?


I vote more apps, personally. More apps, less BS! (Brought to you by Manhunt)


– tyler


2 thoughts on “Wicked Gay Blog Laments the Loss of Gay Clubs

  1. I think it is a combination of things to be honest. But yes lack of social skills now a days is common due to the fact we no longer have to deal with the bars to meet people. But I’m sure lack of party money now a days is part of it as well. Seems to be a growing rise in the number of younger guys looking for money than spending it.

  2. Brandon Voss parties were awful with nothing but the same old DJ’s s over and over. How many times can you hire DJ LINA? she farts dust. Anyone in nyc knows his events suck that are not RPDR .
    it is shocking he is allowed to work on Fire Island. But that is a no brainer you already have a captive crowd on an island with only 1 club. Take out the stupid cabaret laws in NYC, and you will see a music and gay club scene boom again. There are simply no venues that will allow a gay weekend in nyc instead of straights drinking bottle service,. There are way too many stupid lounges in NYC that are just rooms with nothng but booze in it and an occasional drag queen performing on a box with a spotlight.
    . No one has creativity that owns those bars. , Large Clubs and club owners rip off promoters so that is also to blame. Too much money in the straight world to make on the weekends. Gay Clubs are not filled with drinkers, sadly drugs keep money out of the bar. Don’t even get me started on Grindr. Hook-up sites/apps have started the decline back in 2000

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