Do I Have a Crush On a Butt?

This BadPuppy solo clip starring Marek Polan (I don’t know either) is basically fine. It does all the stuff, and he’s nice to look at. But then he flips over and starts playing with this butt and… my jaw just dropped. I’m feeling ways about this butt, you guys! Here’s what BadPuppy said:


Kneeling on the bed, we find Marek Polan, rubbing his chest thru his shirt and posing his muscles for the camera.  Continuing to massage his chest muscles with one hand, the other hand easily unbuttons the top of his pants as he loosens his belt.  Pushing down his loosened jeans reveals a thick cock and even more muscular legs which Marek applies more lotion to and begins stroking his thick cock. After a few minutes of cock stroking Marek lies back on the bed, pulls his legs behind his ears and not only gives us a view of his sweet ass; but, he begins working his hole with his fingers as he continues to stroke his cock.


Ooooooooohhhhhkayyyyyy. Hmm. First, “posing his muscles for the camera,” might be my favorite thing I’ve ever read in a scene description. Second, “pushing down his loosened jeans reveals a thick cock and even more muscular legs…” makes it sound like he revealed a few extra legs. So. Grammar counts, people. I highly recommend this book if you don’t understand why that sounds so nuts.

But seriously – watch this butt:



And now let’s bask in its glow:


bp_3752_MarekPolan_007 bp_3752_MarekPolan_008 bp_3752_MarekPolan_009 bp_3752_MarekPolan_010 bp_3752_MarekPolan_011 bp_3752_MarekPolan_012 bp_3752_MarekPolan_014 bp_3752_MarekPolan_021


That is a butt you just wanna move right into and stay forever. Damn. Go watch that butt in action here. 


– tyler

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