Alleged British Serial Killer Allegedly Used Grindr To Allegedly Find His Alleged Victims

Did I use “alleged” and “allegedly” enough times?

Stephen John Port, 40, of East Barking, London stands accused of the murders of four men that he supposedly met on Grindr. Port is said to have lured them back to his apartment and killed them with fatal overdoses of party drug GHB. And that’s not all. Port was super-busy being terrifying on Grindr. In addition to murder, he’s now been charged with “six further counts of administering a poison, seven of rape, and four sexual assaults against another eight men.”

(via Towleroad)

Port was arrested by police in October this year after the deaths of the four men were connected to Port. All four of the bodies were dumped in or near a church graveyard in Barking, East London.

Port reportedly met the men on gay dating apps and websites. The murders took place in 2014 and 2015. The only app which has been named is Grindr.

I was actually going to make this freak (apologies if he’s innocent or being framed but I shave with Occam’s Razor) the subject of “Hot or Not?” but even I have a snark line I won’t cross. I probably crossed it with this post. *shrug*

Guys – we all use apps to find dick. Like this one! Fuck apps are fully integrated into queer life. So, I urge you to take every measure to keep yourself safe. Let people know where you’re going, and with who. Try to avoid ingesting anything from a stranger (especially if you didn’t seem him buy it or make it). Save the bondage fun for a couple of fuck sessions down the road. Yeah, it’s probably a one in a million chance that you liked the Zodiac Killer’s dick pics but better safe than fucking dead. Believe it or not, I care about you guys. Even if only four of you on average comment on my posts.

– Michael Xavier

Here are his Grindr pics for your perusal. He obviously wasn’t leading with that second one. Yeesh.

NATIONAL PICTURES Collect pic of Gay escort Stephen Port who is alleged to have poisoned and killed 4 people in Barking. His alleged victims are: Anthony Patrick WalgateGabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor.

3 thoughts on “Alleged British Serial Killer Allegedly Used Grindr To Allegedly Find His Alleged Victims

  1. Your blog is blown – totally. I’d pack your bags and move on. I tried you out after I spotted that the last car crash blogger left and I’ve just read this nonsense. If you’ve resorted to putting a cutesy spin on this horrible story (I live in London), then your compass is seriously out of whack. You’ll get the same three commentators giving you comments on most stories from now until you realise that there’s no future in it. Things change and Manhunt isn’t exactly where it’s at these days. Just the way it goes. Need to leverage off a mobile app to get any traffic.

  2. Tim, I appreciate your candor. Just curious – was there a time when you enjoyed reading Manhunt Daily? If so, why?

    Thanks for reading while you did, and I wish you the best. Love and light!

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