Morning Wood

Good morning, Random Tumblr Hottie. I don’t know who you are, and google image search was little help. But maybe some MHD readers can do a little puzzle solving and tell me how to learn more about you. Because if you’re hiding a dick like that under your little gym shorts, then I definitely would like to know more about you:



To be perfectly honest, I’m not convinced that dick belongs to that dude. But I’m not one to question the magic of tumblr and their chest hair patterns do look pretty similar (though that penis is clearly in a much less fancy bathroom).  What do you think? Does this line up?


Good morning!


– tyler

3 thoughts on “Morning Wood

  1. Wish I knew he was too! But I agree…I don’t think that is a pic of his cock. The chins in the pics look different.

  2. Firstly welcome back morning wood, secondly I could care less wether the dick belongs to this guy because he is CUTE!

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