Unlockables: The Way You Frame It

Let’s face it–people hang tacky pictures in their homes. You may even be one of those people, whether you know it or not. Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, it’s highly recommended to avoid such framed images while taking your nudie pics for Manhunt.

Honestly, no one wants to look at a picture of your Aunt Mildred sniffing some flowers. Most likely, they just want to see your dick. Tackiness of this nature can distract potential suitors, and it’s easy to avoid by snapping your shots at a neutral location.

It’s not like we’d turn down the cutie above for making this mistake, but it’s hard to masturbate to his picture when there are a bunch of adorable puppies staring at you. You know what I’m saying? It just feels wrong.

– Dewitt

And here’s another bad example:

51 thoughts on “Unlockables: The Way You Frame It

  1. yo if you’re focused on the artwork when a guy is showing you his dick, maybe YOU’RE the one with the fucking problem

  2. especially the guy in the first pic. with a dick like that, that’s all i noticed. that pic wouldn’t deter me from sucking him off!

  3. I agree with ‘haha.’ I had absolutely no problem tuning out the puppies in the first picture 😀

  4. Seriously, that first guy, I can totally get over that picture.
    It’s even cute, what a dog lover!

  5. LOL… I totally look at the background to assess a guy. There’s hot, and then there’s “I so will not be at that guy’s house….”

  6. love both pic’s love the facial hair and chest fur on the second… would love ot be sitting on his face and cock both! as long as the guy is hot who would be looking at his walls. unless yuor looking for chains and handcuff to hook him too..

  7. I love dogs and puppies, but who cares after you see the awesome cock on the first guy! How ’bout more pix of him!

  8. I agree with you on this Dewitt. Guys post pictures that are just so unflattering sometimes and often it’s because they just don’t pay attention. If you’re bedroom is a laundry disaster area, clean it up before you snap your sexy pics…or crop it out. If I see a pic of a guy in his home and it’s a hot mess, odds are the guy is a hot mess too and that is a total buzz kill…for me anyway and I’m the only one that matters when it comes to what turns me on. For guys that live a messy life, it’s probably a turn on for them. To each his own…no matter what that looks like. Remember guys, if you are posting a picture of yourself you are saying “this is me” and that includes the background and how you are posed. Be aware of the subliminal messages you are sending with every pic. You may know you’re fabulous but you’re being evaluated by every guy who is on the hunt for dick so make a good impression quick or they’re off to the next one.

  9. To a degree, I agree with Michael!. The messy rooms make a statement. However, if we are going to take it so far as a photograph in a pic… Then we are too picky. So the guy may have bad taste. That doesn’t make him a bad person.

  10. Oh Dewitt get off your high horse anyone who is on M/H looking at artwork has a hell of lot more issue than liking BIG dicks & tight assholes !!!

  11. when i fuck a guy i am fucking his artwork as well, assessing the artwork is completely reasonable


  12. Pictures from Wall Mart suck – I only have originals in either oils, pastels or watercolor.

    Call me old fashioned you bitches.

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