Weekly Top Ten: Kylie In, Salvatore Out

Some things aren’t meant to last, and it seems that Chris Salvatore‘s “Dirty Love” is one of them. Even though the song managed to take first place on last week’s 2010 Song of Summer countdown, it fell off faster than you can say “Kylie Minogue just ripped you a new one with her strap-on”.

Luckily, Mr. Salvatore has good company in the loser’s circle. Christina Perri, Wynter Gordon and Scissor Sisters couldn’t get enough votes to stay on the charts, so we had to send them all packing. Better luck next time!

So how does this all work? If you’re a Weekly Top Ten virgin, why don’t you stroke Kairi Jeffries‘ spectacular abs while I explain the rules to you? Each week you’ll be presented with ten songs. You get to vote for up to three that you’d like to see move on to the next week. From those results, we’ll take the five tunes with the highest percentages, a song we save and four other contributions. These selections will make up the following week’s charts.

Wishing there was a “none of the above” option? Well, quit your bitching and tell us what you want to see on the charts by leaving a suggestion in the comments. We listen to nearly every song you recommend, and if we think it’ll have a chance… you might see it here next time around!

– Dewitt

To check out the charts and vote, follow the JUMP:

  1. Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers (LW – 2, W11): Our official pick for Song of Summer is back where she belongs! The Australian dance-floor queen has been tearing up the competition since her debut, and a few minor setbacks won’t stop her from taking the title.
  2. Lady Gaga – Alejandro (LW – 3, W9): Come on, all you little monsters! If you think “Alejandro” deserves to be the Song of Summer, then why don’t you ban together and make it happen? We don’t want to hear any excuses from you. Your diva needs you, and you’re letting her down.
  3. Kelly Rowland – Commander (LW – 4, W14): After taking last year’s unofficial title, Kelendria and Mr. Guetta need much more help if they plan on claiming 2010’s top spot. Either way, they’ve managed to last a total of fourteen weeks on this countdown, and that’s pretty impressive when you think about it.
  4. Adam Lambert – If I Had You (LW – 5, W7): With no more Scissor Sisters in the mix, Adam has become the top five’s lone homosexual. Or at least the only person who’s open about it. Not that we’re saying anything about Enrique Iglesias or anything…
  5. Enrique Iglesias f/ Pitbull – I Like It (LW – 7, W2): Like, really, we’re not saying anything about Enrique Iglesias. Our mothers told us that if we don’t have anything nice to say, we shouldn’t say anything at all. And considering the things we have to say about this song, we should probably keep our mouths shut.
  6. Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me (LW – 8, W2): We’ve hated on Christina enough, so it only seemed fair to give her the pity vote. You’re saved this time around, my dear! But next time, you won’t be so lucky. Vote as hard as you can if you’d like to see this song on next week’s list.
  7. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (DEBUT): We hate ourselves for liking this. And we hate ourselves even more for loving it after we saw the guy who’ll be in the music video. Though we’re not sure how this will perform in the end, I think it’s safe to say that Katy Perry’s owned this summer as a whole.
  8. Robyn – Hang With Me (DEBUT): Except on a less chart-obsessed level, Robyn’s actually owned this summer. Next to Lady Gaga, she’s churned out some of the best pop singles of the year, and it’s a shame that more people aren’t paying attention to her!
  9. Sheryl Crow – Summer Day (DEBUT): And then we have the obligatory song with “summer” in the title. This may be too laid back to last on the countdown, but Sheryl definitely knew what she was doing with this track. Can she pull off an upset and make it into the top five?
  10. Hurts – Wonderful Life (DEBUT): One of the lesser known artists in the competition, this duo easily deserves to make it onto next week’s rankings. However, we’re not too sure that they’ll have what it takes. Perhaps you’ll prove us wrong on that…

14 thoughts on “Weekly Top Ten: Kylie In, Salvatore Out

  1. So glad that Adam Lambert and Kelly Rowland are surving each week. These are great songs!

    My final vote is going to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream because she is doing a great job providing a string of fun and catchy pop songs. 🙂

  2. I just like Sheryl Crow. The album is typical Sheryl. The song isn’t dance-floor pop stuff. But it’s familiar and comfortable, like old leather.

  3. Freemasons remix of “Wonderful Life” wastes everything else on this list. And enough with Lady Gaga already! She needs a new album. Her current stuff has been played to death and gotten really old.

  4. Love that Kylie is #1. Don’t understand all the hate for Chris Salvatore. I love his music and loved him in “Eating Out 3”.

  5. Agreed, Jimmy T, Freemasons “Wonderful Life” remix puts “Alejandro” and Commander” to shame.

  6. Just because someone is a fan of someone doesn’t mean they have to love every song by them. I don’t like Alejandro much. Though I am still voting for it because the rest of the choices have mostly been crap.

    Voted for Robyn too.

  7. Hurts deserves to stay in the countdown even after the summer. My other votes went to Kylie and Chrsitina.

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