Twilight Is So Gay


A recent issue of Entertainment Weekly features a photo of Twilight heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner kissing their co-star Kristen Stewart on the cheeks. Who cares, right? Well, here's the fun part–the pages can be folded for a little vampire-on-werewolf action. Hilarious!

I haven't seen the movie yet (and admittedly will avoid ever seeing it), but apparently Lautner's character Jacob utters the following line: "It’s not a lifestyle choice, Bella. I was born this way." He then prances off into the woods with a handful of scantily clad boys, leaving some critics wondering if the scene was intentionally drawing parallels to the coming out process.

Oh, and if you're still counting down the days until Lautner's eighteenth birthday, we have some good news for you! In his interview for Rolling Stone, he didn't quite say that he likes making out with dudes. But he also didn't deny it. This exciting revelation means literally nothing to me, but feel free to let your minds wander…

– Dewitt

3 thoughts on “Twilight Is So Gay

  1. Figuring out my sexuality was hard enough in my teen years, can’t imagine doing it while being hounded by reporters and paparazzi.

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