Popular Demand: Joseph Sayers & Switching Teams

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Proving that pretty boys will always be in style, god-like model Joseph Sayers trampled several gay porn stars to claim his spot as last week's Most Popular post. And while you guys weren't as chatty as usual (due to the Thanksgiving season), you did have a lot to say about women you'd so straight for. 

But let's not forget about some of the week's other noteworthy events! Levi Johnston's naked pictures finally made their way to the net. Adam Lambert caused a controversy over his scandalous American Music Awards performance. Lots of people ate turkey for dinner. And last but not least, we looked at a bunch of naked dudes. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

– Dewitt

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Joseph Sayers, Hudson Wright

  1. Joseph Sayers by Hudson Wright
  2. If This Is What It's Like To Be Hazed, Sign Me Up For The Next Pledge Class!
  3. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Harry Louis
  4. Twink Tank: Cameron & Michael
  5. Manhunt Daily Wood: Hugh Plummer
  6. Let's Watch Dixon Take A Bubble Bath
  7. Well, Here's Levi Johnston Naked…
  8. Harry Louis Stuffs Stefan Colby
  9. Everything Butt: The Armband
  10. Just The Tips: Take It Slow



Halle Berry, going straight, switching teams, bisexual

  1. Random Question: Who Would You Go Straight For? (41 Comments)
  2. Joseph Sayers by Hudson Wright (22 Comments)
  3. Well, Here's Levi Johnston Naked… (21 Comments)
  4. Unlockables: The Great Face Conundrum (21 Comments)
  5. Have You Ever: Been A Third Wheel? (19 Comments)
  6. Forget Team Edward or Jacob! I'm Team Felix… (19 Comments)
  7. Adam Lambert Gets Frisky At AMAs (17 Comments)
  8. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Harry Louis (17 Comments)
  9. Twink Tank: Justin, Aaron & Jordan (16 Comments)
  10. Hair Pulling: Hot or Not?3 (15 Comments)




  1. Premium Silicone ManLube (Free with any purchase while supplies last!)
  2. Strict Leather Speed Snap Cock Ring
  3. Double-Ended Dildo
  4. The Lube Launcher
  5. The Shower Enema Kit
  6. Silicone Cock Rings
  7. Garden Rose Vibrating Butt Plug
  8. Snake Bite Suckers
  9. The Pleasure Wand
  10. The Colt Pounder Dildo



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  1. Hey Dewitt. not sure if you read every comment but I hope you read this one. You haven’t done a “Gleek Out” post for the last episode of Glee. You know “Hairography” I really like your opinion on the show and your single post about it each week gives me a place to give my opinion to. I know last Thursday was Thanksgiving so you might have forgotten, or you might not care, I just wanted you to know I enjoy it and hope you write one for it soon. Thanks Dewitt. I love your blog no matter what all those bitter old queens say.

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