‘Summer of 85’: François Ozon Returns with a Scintillating Romantic Throwback

After a trio of films that saw François Ozon feeling out the far extremes of his interest and ability — 2016’s monochrome interwar melodrama “Frantz”, the winking De Palma-esque mindfuck “Double Lover” and last year’s journalistic Catholic priest exposé “By the Grace of God” — […]

The Batman: Filming Paused Again As Robert Pattinson Reportedly Contracts Covid-19

Just when you thought filming was getting back on track for The Batman, another shutdown has hit in the wake of someone on the production testing positive for the coronavirus. And, according to Vanity Fair‘s sources, that someone is star Robert Pattinson. Warner Bros. did not name […]

Robert Pattinson Has Already Chosen His Batman Voice

Robert Pattinson has revealed that he’s already settled on a signature voice for his role in The Batman. The character recently appeared in a total of three live-action, big-screen outings – most prominently Batman v Superman and Justice League. Amid the underwhelming reception, Ben Affleck’s portrayal was largely praised. […]