Oh… Tarzan… Ok.

I may have wished too hard
here. This might be my fault.


Men.com this week is releasing promo photos for Tarzan, the XXX Parody, and I’m growing concerned that this might be some Twilight Zone repercussion of my wishing for more of XXX-Men-type things without being very specific about how my wish was granted. So now, not only are we gonna get the Captain America that I’m not totally sure everybody wants, but also Tarzan and god only knows what else.




Summer is big business for the movie industry so here’s a list of things I’m hoping to receive zero emails about from Men.com:

If they do make XXX parodies of these movies, obviously I’m gong to write about them. But let’s all hope we can avoid that, yeah?


Meanwhile, this post was kind of lame, so here’s Sean Cody‘s Dylan kicking a soccer ball in tiny shorts, and then jacking off (spoiler – his cock is uncut and beeeeeautiful):




You can watch all of his outdoor solo at Sean Cody.  His nut busting is pretty adorable, tbh. I would watch this again.


– tyler


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