True Blood: Taking a Bite out of a Gay Stereotype

Nelsan Ellis

Do you have a favorite True Blood character? Mine has to be the audacious and sexy Lafayette Reynolds played by Nelsan Ellis. It’s a complex role as Lafayette fluctuates between playful and formidable. When Nelsan spoke with EdgeBoston, he said that the best research for the role came from talking with real prostitutes on Santa Monica Blvd.

“There are some that are dangerous and that
helped since Lafayette has to have this subtle hint that he’s not
someone to mess with. Some of them on the street are teenagers and
they’re packing knives and guns and they know how to exist out there
and protect themselves. You need to be shady and you need to have a
hint of danger and at the same time be a good person.”

True Blood airs on HBO Sunday nights at 9PM.

– Wilbur

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