This Boy Butter Commercial is Completely Ridiculous

But I like it now.


If you’ve never used Boy Butter before, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I only discovered it a few years ago when a buddy of mine swore it was the only thing he ever used. He was a world-class bottom too, so I tended to take his word on stuff like that. It’s not my favorite for solo play necessarily (albolene is still the best for alone time), but if you’re gonna be putting some dicks in some butts, Boy Butter is exactly what you want.

But I digress. We didn’t come in here to attend a lecture on what lubes I like. We came because this week during RuPaul’s Drag Race this new commercial starring New Yorker Mister Chase, as an entire barbershop quartet showed up and made me laugh:



All the best parts of BoyButter are outlined at the end (organic, washable, safe) but it’s hard for me to explain why this stuff actually is really great. You should probably just test it out for yourself. Weirdly this is cheaper here than it is on Amazon.


You can see all the different types (original! water-based! desensitizing!)  of BoyButter here.

Also, this was the nakedest pic of Mister Chase I could find on his TL:




– tyler

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