Celebrity Dick: Is That Really Alexander Skarsgård’s Cock?

HBO’s current critical darling, Big Little Lies, is a star-studded miniseries about the scandalous (and rather dangerous and dark-sided) lives of the richie riches in Monterey, California. True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård (don’t tell me you don’t remember Erik Northman, sexy Viking vampire sheriff) plays Nicole […]

Here’s Cut Copy’s New Single “Free Your Mind” Starring A Shirtless Alexander Skarsgård

Australian synth-pop group, Cut Copy, have just released the music video for their single “Free Your Mind”, the title track from their forthcoming album of the same name. As you’ll see below, it features the lovely Alexander Skarsgård. This is Cut Copy’s fourth album, and […]

Celebrity Skin: Ryan Kwanten, Rob Kazinsky & Sam Trammell’s Butts On True Blood

I will never get tired of writing about Ryan Kwanten‘s butt. Fresh off his tent-pitching scene with True Blood newcomer Rob Kazinsky, the dumb but lovable Jason Stackhouse blessed us with one of his hottest sex scenes in the entire series’ run. Please take note […]

True Blood: Jason Stackhouse And The New Guy Shave Together And It’s Very Homoerotic

“Just relax. Do it like you do it to yourself.” That line definitely registered in my nutsack. I haven’t watched Sunday’s True Blood yet so this scene was new to me (and no one spoil it!). Jason Stackhouse (the exquisite-in-every-way Ryan Kwanten) and new fairy […]

Here Are Some Half-Naked Joe Manganiello Pics From Men’s Health, Because Why The Fuck Not?

This feels sort of excessive when you’ve already seen his butt earlier in the week, but is anyone really going to complain about Joe Manganiello taking off his shirt and talking about his muscles? Nope! There is no such person in existence who would complain […]