Dogs Read Human Emotions, New Study Shows


If you have a dog, or grew up around them, you may have noticed how keen they are to your emotional state. A dog may lick your face and jump around when you are down, or whimper in fear when you are angry. According to researchers
at the University of Lincoln, there is a scientific explanation.

It has been known for years that humans will look at the right side of someone's face upon first meeting them, in a phenomenon known as the 'left gaze bias.' This occurs because people express emotions more strongly on the right side, and we are trying to read those cues.

Well, Dr. Kun Guo has proven that dogs have a similar left gaze bias, but only when looking at human faces. They read our emotions much like we read each others, which I think is an amazing feat for an animal. This is just further proof that a dog truly is a man's best friend!

– Andy

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