NYC: Catch Chris Harder in “Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy”

New Yorkers have all the luck.


That dear, deep-throating, hairy, muscly wonder Chris Harder is appearing on Broadway this month! Well, not ON Broadway, but really, really near it! And for most of next month too! Check this out:


Based-as loosely as possible-off the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series, Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy delivers a sexy, clever, queer twist on classic Americana. You can match wits with stripper sleuths Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy as they peel their way through a wacky cast of criminal suspects, including 2014 Mr. Exotic World, Mr. Gorgeous; 2015 Miss Coney Island, Fancy Feast; and The Girl with the 44DD Brain, Nasty Canasta!



Chris is an awesome guy and – in case you didn’t know it – a top-notch, and award winning Burlesque performer (which I imagine is what makes him so good at doing stuff like this), so if you’re in the city this month, definitely find time to spend with Nasty Drew & That Harder Boy.



Also! If you’re in the ‘biz’ Nasty Drew is having an ‘Industry Night‘ on May 1 with special discounted tickets. So if you get naked for a living, or know anyone who does, click here for $15 tickets, Sunday, May 1 (use promo code EXOTIC15)!


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– tyler

4 thoughts on “NYC: Catch Chris Harder in “Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy”

  1. I really ‘heart’ Chris, he’s sexy smart and REALLY talented, if the airfare wasn’t more then my apartments worth I’d hop over to NYC to catch this

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