Thomas Jane’s Dick? Yes Please.

“I’m a textbook average guy. Im 5′10″, I wear a model suit size — 40 regular, 32-inch waist pant — and a size 10 shoe. Everything about me is prototypical. Everything. I even have a right-down-the-middle-exactly-average dick.” This is a direct quote from Thomas Jane, the star of HBO’s Hung, in an interview with Men’s Fitness. He was lying.

Either that, or he doesn’t know what an average dick looks like! On the show’s latest episode, the IRL former hustler flashed the foundation of his goods, and the thickness of his shaft is anything but average. Damn! He’s more than welcome to stick that thing “right-down-the-middle” of our ass cracks.

Unrelated: He also wore a jockstrap. And his hairy ass is magnificent.

– Dewitt

Photos via: superherofan

To check out Thomas Jane’s ass and shaft, follow the JUMP:

A lovely GIF, via Arch Noble:

89 thoughts on “Thomas Jane’s Dick? Yes Please.

  1. I’ve heard rumors about them using prosthetics on the show to enhance the package…  this could either be a really good make up job a la Boogie Nights, or its potentially real.

    I hope it is real, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t.

  2. What locker room does he hang out in where he’s only “average?”  That beefy, hairy ass is a museum-quality specimen–nothing ‘prototypical’ about that!

    And can I just say that jockstraps are the greatest invention ever?! 

  3. i am surprised it took you this long to post this.  lol
    after 3 years of watching this show waiting for something like this, i had to rewind and slo-mo it at least 30 times.  

  4. He did a full frontal scene in The Last Time I Committed Suicide. Was from the side while some girl was in the bath. It was terribly impressive then and I’m sure it still is. I don’t know how to do screen caps, but if someone else does, it’s later in the film….

  5. I stopped watching hung a long time ago because they don’t show frontal nudity with Thomas Jane’s cock.

  6. …hot man!Pity it is spolit by the not so hot woman in the show.

    Would be much hotter with a hot guy in there with him…

  7. Ha, it’d help if either of us (myself or J. Harvey) watched the show. Plot? What plot? We just wait for the naughty screen-caps.

  8. When the show first aired he was quoted say “I am average.  I have your standard “model” dimensions, 5’10, 180#…nothing about me is unusal”.  Now he may have said this so people wouldn’t keep trying to find pics and speculating, but I appreciate his honesty rather than the Ashton crap on 2 and 1/2 men where they have to keep talking about the size of his blurred out cock.

  9. Well it certainly looks delicious whether it is average, above average or below. It certainly seem to fit him perfectly…and I have a few places where I’m sure it would fit perfectly too!

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